Best flooring for dogs that pee

Dog wee on floor

Are you looking for dog pee proof flooring? Our guide looks at all your options!

Do you own an establishment that welcomes lots of four legged visitors? Perhaps a pet-friendly café or a grooming parlour? Then you will be looking for a flooring solution that will cope with the inevitable accidents that will happen so that the floor does not succumb to damage caused by excess pee. Here, we look at what that damage is and which flooring will minimise the risks.

Anyone who has ever owned a dog will know that pee accidents do happen, whether from a puppy during training or an elderly pet suffering from age incontinence. Urine can stain flooring surfaces, soak into them to create enduring bad smells and even contribute to the flooring rotting. The finish on the flooring can deteriorate and become discoloured over time. It goes without saying that all accidents should be cleaned up as soon as possible but the following are specific problems that affect different types of flooring.

Dog pee and laminate flooring

Made from softwood fibres, laminate flooring will cope with minimal spillages as it is water resistant. However, excessive liquid from dog pee or water bowls, can cause buckling of the boards and any moisture that penetrates the joins between the boards will cause deterioration and damage.

Dog pee and solid wood floors

Solid wood, particularly if unsealed, will soak up liquid like a sponge and become stained and discoloured; where the floor is a light colour, you will be left with dark patches! The acid in dog pee can cause the finish to break down and where urine is allowed to penetrate the wood, a smell will develop. If a dog pees in the same spot regularly, the wood will ultimately warp.

Dog pee and carpet

While dogs certainly appreciate the comfort and warmth that carpet provides, it is not the best flooring for dogs that pee! The porous carpet fibres will soak up the pee to cause foul odours and stains will quickly appear.

Dog pee and ceramic tiles

Often considered the best flooring for dog owners, due to its water resistance and low maintenance, ceramic flooring is not at all pet-friendly. Cold, hard and uncomfortable for young and elderly dogs alike, ceramic tiles also pose a slip hazard. Where dogs are unable to gain traction underfoot and slip, this can aggravate joint issues, leading to breaks and, in the long term, arthritis.

So what is the best flooring for dogs that pee? Vinyl has emerged to be not only dog pee proof flooring but also dog-friendly flooring. Here’s why: 

Dog pee and vinyl flooring

Encompassing luxury vinyl tiles, vinyl plank flooring and vinyl on a roll, vinyl flooring when professionally installed is completely waterproof, as it is glued onto the sub-floor, which creates an impermeable seal between any joins. In the event that urine is left unattended, it will not penetrate the vinyl, remaining on the surface.

Floors For Paws vinyl flooring

Working closely with Canine Arthritis Management, we have developed a range of vinyl flooring specifically for commercial settings.

Pawsafe Commercial range

Designed for commercial premises with a high volume of four-legged traffic, including veterinarian clinics and day care centres, our Pawsafe Commercial sheet vinyl on a roll can be installed with no, or very few, joins. To make your premises more appealing and welcoming to visitors, the vinyl is available in wood- and stone-effect designs while the thicker than average wear layer is comfortable for dogs of all ages. When installed by one of our approved contractors, the range comes with a 10-year commercial guarantee. Our guide to sheet vinyl flooring has lots more information and if you like what you see, you can request up to three free samples.

For any questions about our dog pee proof flooring, give our friendly team a call on 01522 300218 or send us an email to

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