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How to remove stains on floor

How to remove stains from vinyl floors

Floors for Paws’ latest guide to removing common stains from vinyl flooring, and how to keep it clean. The flooring
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best flooring for dogs

Best flooring for homes with dogs

Here at Floors for Paws we only sell vinyl flooring because it is universally recognised as the best flooring for
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Canine arthritis

Canine Arthritis – Prevention is the best solution

Thanks to Canine Arthritis Management, headed by Super Vet Hannah Capon we know have a much better indicator of the
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Best flooring for dogs

A guide to choosing the best flooring for dogs: everything you need to know

Searching for the best flooring for dogs can often seem a daunting task as you want something stylish and durable,
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Dog proof flooring

Best Dog Proof Flooring: Top Solutions for Pet-Friendly Homes

As dog owners, we know the joy and companionship that comes with having a canine campadre. However, maintaining a beautiful
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herringbone flooring

How to fit LVT herringbone flooring

  For dog owners who want the luxury of a high end, solid wood parquet block floor but who worry
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