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Canine Compadre’s

Laughing Dog food Makers, not producers One of very few dog food producers that make all their own dry completes,
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Rigsby pet friendly holiday cottages – The Stables

Rigsby holiday cottages are ideally located for escapism in the picturesque parish of Rigsby, which is in the Lincolnshire Wolds
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Best Flooring for Dogs UK

Simple: Floors For paws. Officially the Worlds best flooring for dogs & dog owners. Over the last 20 years Dog
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Dogs and Carpets

As Dog lovers we all know the limitations of carpets in a pet friendly house. To begin with your family
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Dog Slipping on Floor

Most of us have smooth floor surfaces in our homes, but did you know they pose a safety risk for
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Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Expensive?

Yes…..and no. It is certainly more expensive to buy than laminate, carpet, roll vinyl and some ceramic tile. The initial
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