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Blizzard’s case study – Dog and Floor anxiety

Like humans; dogs have good long-term memories in the form of associative memories and similar to humans their behaviours are
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Canine Compadre’s

Laughing Dog food Makers, not producers One of very few dog food producers that make all their own dry completes,
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How your dog will react to new flooring

As you know Floors For Paws has an industry leading slip rating and is embossed with grain effect to aid
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Product review: Laughing Dog congratulations Bundle box

Our 14 month Black lab Bubba was recently gifted this Bundle by our Canine Compadres Laughing Dog food to celebrate
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Waterproof flooring for pets

Pet owners rejoice! Laugh in the face of upturned water bowls, puppy/older dog accidents, post rain walks, bath time shenanigans
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Dog wary of smooth flooring

Our four legged friends develop the same mental associations as us. If you slipped on a certain flooring you would
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