Best flooring for older dogs

safe flooring for older dogs

As we age, we start to experience the natural aches and pains of older age, and dogs are exactly the same. Here, we look closely at the best flooring for older dogs.


Much research has been carried out into the ailments that afflict older dogs, and the overriding statistic that emerges is the prevalence of arthritis in dogs. A staggering 80% of dogs over the age of 8 will develop the condition and there are some breeds that are more susceptible such as Golden Retrievers and Springer Spaniels. Given that the RSPCA gives the average lifespan of a dog between 12-13 years, an arthritic dog may have to bear the condition for several years.

Recognising your dog is ageing

Paws For Floors has enjoyed a long collaborative working relationship with Canine Arthritis Management (CAM), focussing on developing the best flooring for dogs with arthritis (read CAM working with Floors for Paws). As well as telltale signs that your dog may be suffering from arthritis (and it is recommended that you seek a professional veterinary diagnosis to find out definitively), there are other signs to be aware of. These include increased thirst and drinking, tiring quickly and lethargy. Your older dogs may seem stiff and have difficulty getting up or laying down and they may develop a limp and find it difficult to maintain their balance.

Taking care of older dogs

Our guide to Arthritis in Dogs has lots of helpful advice and tips on how to help a dog with arthritis, with things you can implement in your home including home adaptations, exercise, and diet and nutrition. At Floor for Paws, however, our priority is always to ensure your older dog is as comfortable as possible, for as long as possible. We know your older dog will need longer periods of rest and may spend a lot of their day lying down, and we know they are likely to develop age-related incontinence and need to pee much more frequently. We also know they need to be comfortable and able to maintain their balance.

Best flooring for older dogs

The best flooring for older dogs is one that will tick all the boxes above – be comfortable to rest on, be able to cope with increased accidents, and be safe to walk on. Working with CAM, we have developed two ranges which each do just that:

Pawsafe Domestic Range 

Our Pawsafe Domestic range is a luxury vinyl plank flooring offering the aesthetic and choice that our customers want. Durable and scratch resistant, the luxurious cushion comfort layer is kind to old bones and sore joints, while the anti-slip wear layer will help your dog not to slip and slide. A textured surface aids traction and allows infirm dogs to move around confidently, without the fear of losing their balance. Available in a choice of plank sizes and a herringbone option, Pawsafe Domestic is low maintenance and, when professionally installed, completely waterproof with a 30-year domestic guarantee.

Pawsafe Commercial Range

Mindful that there are many businesses that welcome four-legged clients, customers and visitors, we have developed our Pawsafe Commercial range specifically with their needs in mind. Available in vinyl flooring rolls, the range has the highest slip rating of any commercial vinyl flooring currently on the market. A thicker than average wear layer gives durability for high traffic volumes and, once installed, the flooring is completely waterproof. Available in attractive wood- and stone-effect finishes to provide a warm and friendly welcome to all visitors, the range works well in conjunction with the Pawsafe Domestic range to offer a complete flooring solution for reception areas and consultation rooms.

Best flooring for dogs from Floors for Paws

To chat through your requirements for the best flooring for older dogs, please get in touch, and our friendly sales team will be happy to help. Email us at or give us a call on 01522 300218.

Welcome to VetRelieve

Vetrelieve beds

Dr Lauren Davis founded VetRelieve to provide tested orthopaedic pet beds, trusted by vets and pet owners alike.

“Working in the pressure care industry showed me that there were no clinically tested orthopaedic dog beds available in the UK – leaving owners and vets to guess how good or otherwise a bed might be. I set about creating a bed range that truly works to support sore joints, passes objective pressure tests, looks great in the home, washes well, and fits pets even up to XXL.

I hope you’ll give your dog the experience of a VetRelieve bed, and I’d love to hear how you get on with our Ortholuxe range – we’d love to feature your pet on our site!”

More than comfort, VetRelieve orthopaedic dog beds are designed specifically for older or arthritic pets. This vet-led company puts your pet’s welfare and wellbeing front and centre, with a focus on sleep quality, to make a bed your dog won’t want to get out of!

Non-slip base, washable cover, two-sided bolster for easy exit and entry, and patent pending interior make this an exceptional choice for any dog suffering joint pain or stiffness.

And with sizes from S to XXL, and a choice of beds or mattresses, there’s an option that’s perfect for your dog.

To find out more

How to maintain vinyl flooring

Pet wee accident

Vinyl floors are fuss-free and low maintenance but still require regular care and cleaning. Our latest guide explains how to maintain vinyl flooring.

Regular maintenance of vinyl flooring

To keep your vinyl flooring in the best possible condition and looking as good as new for as long as possible, it’s important to develop some good habits and establish a care routine.

Use doormats – doormats positioned by entrance and exit points will help to minimise the amount of dirt that is brought onto the vinyl flooring, making cleaning easier. DO NOT use rubber backed floormats as these can create a chemical reaction with the flooring that can discolour your floor.

Remove outdoor shoes – removing outdoor shoes will reduce the amount of dirt and debris that gets stuck to soles, from sticking to the vinyl. Grit from outdoors can be abrasive to vinyl and can remove the finish, while sticky tarmac can discolour the flooring.

Use furniture coasters – floor protectors under furniture legs will protect against dents and scratches.

Always lift furniture – avoid dragging furniture across vinyl flooring to avoid scratches, marks and tears.

Keep pet claws clipped – long claws make it extremely challenging for dogs to walk on vinyl flooring and therefore pose a risk of slipping. Ensuring claws are kept closely clipped will minimise the risk to your dogs.

Wipe feet and paws after a walk – get into the habit of wiping feet and drying paws after a walk to avoid dirt and debris being brought into the house.

Vacuum or sweep regularly – just as with carpet flooring or tiled floors, vinyl flooring needs to be vacuumed or swept regularly. This avoids a buildup of dirt which will be difficult to remove and should be done daily.

Deal with spills immediately – when your new puppy or older dog has an accident, wipe it up as soon as possible. Likewise, any spillages should be wiped up as soon as they happen.

All of the above will help to keep your vinyl flooring in great condition, but it will need to be cleaned. A damp (not sopping wet) mop is sufficient to keep on top of dust and can be carried out after vacuuming, once a week or more frequently as necessary.  Always dry your flooring afterwards.

Deep cleaning vinyl flooring and how often you do it, depends on the amount of traffic your flooring deals with. Some establishments such as veterinary clinics or doggy daycare will need to deep clean more often than a domestic household, but the process is the same.

How to deep clean vinyl floors

After vacuuming/sweeping the floor, have a look for any scuffs; scuff marks can be buffed out with a microfibre cloth and deep marks can be tackled with a paste of baking powder applied with a soft cloth. Don’t forget to clean along where the vinyl meets the skirting boards – a soft brush with the baking powder paste is enough (a baby’s toothbrush is perfect). When using a baking powder paste, don’t forget to wipe away any traces of the paste.

The floor can then be mopped with a solution of one cup of white vinegar in one gallon of warm water (with washing up liquid added if you prefer bubbles or if the floor is particularly dirty). Keep your mop damp – not dripping wet – and refresh the solution as soon as the water becomes dirty. Once you are happy that the floor is clean, mop with a dry cloth or use a microfibre cloth to ensure the floor is completely dry.

Things to avoid when cleaning vinyl flooring

Abrasive substances – it may be tempting to use a scourer or abrasive detergent on stubborn stains but they will damage the surface of the vinyl.

Very hot water – always use warm water when mopping vinyl.

Steam cleaners – even on the coolest setting, a steam cleaner is too hot for vinyl.

Wax cleaners – vinyl flooring is no-wax and wax products should be avoided as they can leave a nasty residue on the surface of flooring which is extremely difficult to remove without causing damage.

High heeled shoes – high-heeled shoes of the stiletto type can cause serious damage to vinyl flooring by way of deep dents and even tears and rips.

At Floors For Paws, our range of vinyl flooring includes the Pawsafe Commercial range, suitable for commercial properties and supplied on a roll, our Luxury Vinyl range available in stone-effect tiles or wood-effect planks, and our Pawsafe Domestic range, which is supplied in a variety of plank sizes.

For questions about any of our ranges, or if you want more information on how to maintain vinyl flooring, our experienced and friendly staff can be contacted by email at or telephone on 01522 300218

The best flooring for dog daycare

Doggy day care owner with dogs

If you run a dog daycare centre what type of flooring should you have? Our guide explains what owners want to see when they drop their pets off.

What is doggy daycare?

Dating back to 1980s America, doggy daycare is a relatively recent phenomenon in the UK and is the pet equivalent to child day care. For pet owners who work, daycare can be a lifesaver and often centres will accept pets for one-off dates, for example if an owner has an appointment.

Where a dog day centre is run as a commercial business, there are government regulations that owners have to follow but there are also the expectations of pet owners to consider. If you run a dog day centre, what should you provide for the pets in your care? The answer is obvious and all your clients will expect their pets to be cared for, looked after, occupied, and safe. Of course qualified, caring staff will deliver most of these qualities but what practical steps can you take to keep them safe?

Best flooring for doggy daycare

Like veterinary flooring, doggy daycare flooring needs to be tough enough to cope with a high volume of traffic of every size and shape. It needs to be able to withstand accidents by dogs that pee, and be easy to clean. Most of all it needs to be kind to the animals and, if it can be attractive and welcoming to human visitors, well that’s a huge bonus! At Floors for Paws, our range of Pawsafe Commercial flooring is perfect and here’s why:

Hardwearing and durable

Paws and claws scratch, causing damage that could lead to your flooring having to be replaced sooner than you’d like. So your flooring has to be hardwearing enough to withstand all that your four legged clients will put it through.

Resistant to wear and tear

Doggy daycare flooring has to hold up to the wear and tear from paws, scratching, chewing and the inevitable dog pee it will be exposed to. Pawsafe Commercial flooring features a 0.7 wear layer and is hardwearing and waterproof. Able to withstand heavy duty washing down, the flooring also offers very good electrical resistance.

Easy to keep clean

With muddy paws, germs and bacteria in abundance, your flooring needs to be easy to clean. Luxury vinyl plank flooring and luxury vinyl tiles both have seams that are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria but the Pawsafe Commercial range is supplied as vinyl flooring on a roll which creates a waterproof and seamless floor covering (when professionally installed with hot weld rods) that cannot be penetrated by liquids and requires little more than mopping.


At Floors for Paws we believe a commercial flooring solution should be just as attractive as those found in our homes so the Pawsafe Commercial range is not only practical but aesthetically appealing too. Offered in a wood or stone-effect finish, the flooring will make visitors feel like they are at home and your premises will look welcoming and much less clinical as well.

Pet-friendly flooring

The difference between pet-proof and pet-friendly flooring is important to us at Floor for Paws and we know that all our ranges are both! Endorsed by Canine Arthritis Management and veterinary clinics across the UK, the Pawsafe Commercial range has an anti-slip finish making it kinder to older dogs with mobility problems. The cushion comfort layer offers a level of comfort unseen in average commercial flooring.

The best flooring for dog daycare from Floor for Paws

To try our Pawsafe Commercial flooring for your dog daycare business, choose up to three free samples and then give our friendly team a call on 01522 300218 or send us an email to

A guide to sheet vinyl flooring

PawSafe commercial flooring at canine hydro

Vinyl flooring can be supplied as tiles, planks, or sheeting. In this article, we focus on sheet vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring is one of many flooring solutions available for the domestic and commercial sectors, along with carpet, real wood and laminate. It is supplied in one of three formats; as vinyl flooring planks, vinyl floor tiles or as vinyl sheet flooring.

At Floor for Paws, our Luxury Vinyl and our Pawsafe Domestic ranges are available as vinyl planks and/or vinyl tiles, enabling you to be creative with patterns. Our Pawsafe Commercial range, however, is commercial sheet vinyl flooring.

What is sheet vinyl flooring?

Sheet vinyl flooring is supplied in rolls, similar to carpet, and is cut to your chosen length, based on the area of the floor to be covered. Sheet vinyl flooring allows an area to be covered with no, or very few, joins.

Features of sheet vinyl flooring

Fewer, if any, joins – depending on the roll width, sheet vinyl flooring allows an area to be recovered with no, or very few, seams

Wide choice of patterns – sheet vinyl flooring is offered in a wide selection of designs, to emulate natural materials like stone, wood and ceramic. Patterned vinyl sheet flooring features intricate patterns like those created with parquet wood flooring, allowing you to have the aesthetic of a high end floor without any of the fuss!

Absorbs noise – vinyl flooring will absorb the noise from foot traffic, making it the perfect solution for busy commercial premises and especially veterinary practices where lots of four-legged visitors are welcomed. The Pawsafe commercial range is cushioned for increased noise absorption and to be kinder on dogs’ joints.

Waterproof – with sheet vinyl flooring involving very few, if any, joins, the floor will be completely water resistant, with nowhere for moisture to penetrate.

Low maintenance – no specialist products are required to keep sheet vinyl in tip top condition; regular sweeping or vacuuming and mopping is enough.

Sheet vinyl flooring from Floors For Paws

Our Pawsafe Commercial range of flooring, approved by Canine Arthritis Management (CAM), is supplied as sheet vinyl. Offering excellent slip resistance and maximum grip, the Pawsafe Commercial range is particularly recommended for veterinary surgeries where four-legged visitors are often elderly and arthritic, or young and bouncy.

Available in a range of wood- and stone-effect designs, our sheet vinyl flooring enables commercial premises to have the warm and welcoming look of a private home with the durability and strength necessary for high volumes of traffic.

The Pawsafe range supports safe movement and provides comfort to ageing pets thanks to its thicker than average wear layer, and is being used in veterinary practices across the country.

Once you have requested your three free samples, ordering can be done quickly and easily. Simply call us on 01937 830948 or email us at for a no-obligation quote. With a network of approved contractors across the UK, we can arrange for a full installation service or you can arrange your own installation. Once you have placed an order, delivery is between one and six weeks, depending on your installation preferences.

We look forward to hearing about your next project soon!

Cleaning your Floors for Paws

Tracy, The Fairy Dog mother discusses the best ways to keep your floor looking its best using the Kaercher FC5 hard flooring cleaner and Dr Schutz clean and strip.


Another good option for a deep clean of your floor if you don’t have a machine is to use a long handled medium bristled deck brush such as below: Shurhold Medium Brush Yellow Polystyrene | Force 4 Chandlery