The best flooring for dog daycare

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If you run a dog daycare centre what type of flooring should you have? Our guide explains what owners want to see when they drop their pets off.

What is doggy daycare?

Dating back to 1980s America, doggy daycare is a relatively recent phenomenon in the UK and is the pet equivalent to child day care. For pet owners who work, daycare can be a lifesaver and often centres will accept pets for one-off dates, for example if an owner has an appointment.

Where a dog day centre is run as a commercial business, there are government regulations that owners have to follow but there are also the expectations of pet owners to consider. If you run a dog day centre, what should you provide for the pets in your care? The answer is obvious and all your clients will expect their pets to be cared for, looked after, occupied, and safe. Of course qualified, caring staff will deliver most of these qualities but what practical steps can you take to keep them safe?

Best flooring for doggy daycare

Like veterinary flooring, doggy daycare flooring needs to be tough enough to cope with a high volume of traffic of every size and shape. It needs to be able to withstand accidents by dogs that pee, and be easy to clean. Most of all it needs to be kind to the animals and, if it can be attractive and welcoming to human visitors, well that’s a huge bonus! At Floors for Paws, our range of Pawsafe Commercial flooring is perfect and here’s why:

Hardwearing and durable

Paws and claws scratch, causing damage that could lead to your flooring having to be replaced sooner than you’d like. So your flooring has to be hardwearing enough to withstand all that your four legged clients will put it through.

Resistant to wear and tear

Doggy daycare flooring has to hold up to the wear and tear from paws, scratching, chewing and the inevitable dog pee it will be exposed to. Pawsafe Commercial flooring features a 0.7 wear layer and is hardwearing and waterproof. Able to withstand heavy duty washing down, the flooring also offers very good electrical resistance.

Easy to keep clean

With muddy paws, germs and bacteria in abundance, your flooring needs to be easy to clean. Luxury vinyl plank flooring and luxury vinyl tiles both have seams that are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria but the Pawsafe Commercial range is supplied as vinyl flooring on a roll which creates a waterproof and seamless floor covering (when professionally installed with hot weld rods) that cannot be penetrated by liquids and requires little more than mopping.


At Floors for Paws we believe a commercial flooring solution should be just as attractive as those found in our homes so the Pawsafe Commercial range is not only practical but aesthetically appealing too. Offered in a wood or stone-effect finish, the flooring will make visitors feel like they are at home and your premises will look welcoming and much less clinical as well.

Pet-friendly flooring

The difference between pet-proof and pet-friendly flooring is important to us at Floor for Paws and we know that all our ranges are both! Endorsed by Canine Arthritis Management and veterinary clinics across the UK, the Pawsafe Commercial range has an anti-slip finish making it kinder to older dogs with mobility problems. The cushion comfort layer offers a level of comfort unseen in average commercial flooring.

The best flooring for dog daycare from Floor for Paws

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