The Candy Story – Romanian Rescue dogs

Romanian rescue dog

In December 2021 we were approached by a lady who volunteers for a UK registered charity called Romanian Rescue Appeal, Fiona has seen our Pawsafe flooring online and was convinced that this was the flooring needed for one of their dogs; Candy.

Candy was severely injured and in a lot of pain when she was rescued, this was put down to her being hit by a car whilst on the streets. There was no option following an x-ray and examination by the veterinary team but to amputate both her back legs. Following her operation Candy was living in a pen in the shelter mainly on a piece of wooden decking as the floor was concrete and she was having real difficulty on it. The concrete was cold, hard and rough and as you can image poor Candy was ending up with sores and cuts having to constantly drag herself around on it; she was also putting even more pressure on her front two legs because of the effort of moving on this surface.

We had no option but to donate some of our CAM Endorsed PawSafe flooring to Romania as Fiona was right; PawSafe was perfect for Candy.

The PawSafe is a cushioned roll vinyl with great anti-slip properties; it is waterproof, softer, warmer and a lot easier for Candy to move around on, and because it is cushioned it is not putting so much pressure on her joints. I could go on to explain to you how well Candy does on the flooring and that she chooses to sleep stretched out on it instead of her bed, her sores and cuts are healing, and she seems so much happier (but I think from the video you can tell all that yourself.)

Despite everything Candy has had to endure she is a loving and trusting dog with a big personality. Both Candy and Samson are looking for their forever home if anyone has room in their homes and hearts for these two.