T's & C's

We request you to go through these terms and conditions in detail and understand them well before proceeding to purchase. 

Who We Are 

We are a pet friendly retailer dealing in flooring products and accessories. We run and maintain the website – www.floorsforpaws.com. Our company is registered in England details of which include:

Company Number: 11137210 

VAT Number: 287 9087 39 

References such as “we”, “us”, and “the company” stand for Floors For Paws Ltd which uses the trade name floorsforpaws.com

“You” is a reference to the consumer or customer.


1.1 – No contract will come into existence with regard to any product sold on www.floorsforpaws.com until we give a confirmation that the product is currently in stock and that we have dispatched it.

1.2 – You also agree to your email being employed as a primary medium of communication over long distances. You agree to emails being sufficient to send notices that are required in writing legally.

1.3 -You may be required to validate personal information such as name, address and other, as part of our process to minimise the unauthorised use of your credit cards and discourage online fraud.

1.4 -We may verify your personal details by comparing them with details in databases of registered fraud prevention agencies and credit companies. By making a purchase with us, you agree to such verifications.

Delivery Policy

2.1 – We provide the following delivery options: Standard, Next Working Day and designated day of delivery

2.2 – For Next Working Day option, orders need to be placed before 12:00

2.3 – Standard Delivery can be arranged on a specific day to suit you

2.4 – Delivery timings are from 8:00 to 18:00

2.5 – Deliveries are undertaken by a third-party agency. Deliveries are made kerbside unless otherwise stated. Delivery does not include any obligation on the delivery person’s part to deliver the product inside your premises.

2.6 – We take every care to deliver products ordered by you in good condition. But, you are responsible to check the products for damages on delivery. Mention that the goods have been damaged while signing for the delivery.

2.7 – We do not accept responsibility for replacing products that have not been mentioned to be damaged in product delivery acknowledgement papers.

2.8 – In the rare occurrence of any such damage, get in touch with us and we will let you know of the delivery company against which a complaint needs to be raised.

2.9 – We are not liable for expenses that you may incur due to late delivery of products. We are, therefore, not liable for reimbursing expenses towards hiring service providers such as carpenters, fitters, and joiners. We strongly recommend that you hire tradesmen only after the products are delivered on site.

3.0 – Once products are in your possession, they become your responsibility unless you return them to us accompanied by a sign of one of our staff members. We are not liable for any potential loss or damage of items once delivered and accepted. There are no exceptions to this clause.

Returns and Cancellations

We are quite sure that the products you buy from us will not give you any cause for complaint. But, in a rare case of you wanting to cancel an order or return one of our products, here are our policies:

3.1 – You cannot cancel an order after 28 days of receiving the product. This is in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 law applicable for sales realised on or after 13th June 2014.

This rule does not apply to tailor-made products, which are customised to your specifications; this includes products that undergo cutting to exact specifications.

3.2 – If products in your order have not been sent yet, the payment cardholder is entitled to a complete refund of order amount. The refund will be sent to the cardholder within 5 days from the date of refund request.

3.3 – In cases where products have been dispatched, or you have accepted delivery, you must contact us through email to know about what you should do next. We will explain how you should send back the product to us, and provide the address where the goods need to be sent.

You must pack the product carefully to keep it safe from any potential damage. We can charge you for any damage that occurs to the product while on its way to our Head Office.

Products that are returned after opening the delivery package will be accepted only if they are in saleable condition.

All products that are returned to us are thoroughly examined.

3.4 – You’ll be responsible for any product that you accept delivery of, by signing the receipt. In case you are returning the product, it will be your responsibility till one of our staff members signs the product as being returned to us.

Damaged Goods

We take meticulous care when packing your goods. So, any damage to your product is highly unlikely. But, in case of such a rare event, these terms apply: 

4.1 – In case you discover any damage to the product when delivered, we will replace and repair the product, or refund the order amount. For this clause to apply, you’ll have to specify the damage in the courier documentation available during product delivery. 

4.2 – We are not liable to compensate for any product damage or loss once you accept the delivery and sign for it without mentioning any damage. We strongly recommend that you inspect the product immediately after delivery, and then sign for it. Sample Service 

We pride ourselves on the speed of our service. We aim to get you your samples out ASAP.  

4.3 – To give an authentic representation, we choose samples from the present stock at random. We do not subject samples to any kind of change or enhancements to provide exaggerated product representations. 

4.4 – In case stocks are available, samples will be dispatched to you within a period of 7 days. If the stock is unavailable, we will issue a back order. 

4.5 – All Floors for Paws planks are accurate to the sample pieces sent out.  Colours may appear slightly different from those on the website due to flash photography and screen display properties on individual devices.

4.6 – Floors for Paws planks are laid in a random pattern to represent natural wood and stone.  Your installed flooring may not exactly duplicate the pattern in any of our promotional images.


5.1 – A buyer must pay the order amount in full before the product gets dispatched. 

5.2 – We accept the following methods of payment: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Switch, Maestro, bank transfer, and cheque payment. 

5.3 – Processing of payments will be done at the time of order placement. The order will become void in case payment is declined and will remain void till payment is approved. 

5.4 – We owe no liability for any bank fees or processing charges such as overdraft expenses that you may incur following a purchase from us. 

5.5 – We don’t retain any details of payments by buyers.


6.1 – Details of recommended fitters supplied by us are provided solely for your convenience. We have vetted these fitters, but do not control them and are not responsible for the quality of their work. We do not endorse or make any representations about them or any results that may be obtained from using their services. If you decide to use any of the fitters provided by phone, email or listed on our website you do so entirely at your own risk. If the installation is carried out through Floors For Paws we take responsibility arranging for the installation process, however the installation contract is with the approved installer of your flooring.

6.2 – Whilst we provide ‘fitting instructions’ these are intended to be guidelines only. Conditions will vary from site to site and it will be the responsibility of your fitter to conduct a site survey and establish the most appropriate installation methods.

Our Warranty for the products

FFP Luxury Vinyl plank & Tile/PawSafe Domestic range

7.1 – We provide a warranty that on delivery and for a period of 10 years in the case of vinyl flooring and between 10 years (commercial use), and 30 years (domestic use) the Flooring shall be free from material defects. However, this warranty does not apply in the circumstances described in clause 7.2.

7.2 The warranty in clause 7.1 does not apply to any defect in the Flooring arising from:

(a) fair wear and tear; 

(b) wilful damage, abnormal storage or working conditions, accident, negligence by you or by any third party; 

(c) if you fail to operate or use the Flooring in accordance with the user instructions; 

(d) improper installation or maintenance; 

(e) installation of the Flooring in an inappropriate environment; 

(f) any alteration or repair by you or by a third party; 

(g) any specification provided by you; 

(h) defective floor base 

(i) defective adhesive or adhesive application error; 

(j) negligent or incompetent cleaning; 

(k) changes in areas exposed to high stress and wear; 

(l) fading or discolouration due to sunlight or heat; 

(m) mechanical damage, burns or chemical contamination;

(n) Underfloor heating at over 28 degrees Celsius

(o) any other damage whatsoever caused by external factors including the moving of heavy objects/furniture/appliances 

(p) use of a steam cleaner on the floor

7.3 – If you are a consumer, this warranty is in addition to your legal rights in relation to Products that are faulty or not as described. Advice about your legal rights is available from your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Trading Standards office. 

7.4 – With regards to labour, our service guarantee is to cover workmanship and is limited to 12 months from installation date. These guarantees are void if the flooring is subject to negligence, misuse, improper maintenance, and if repairs or alterations have been carried out by anyone other than an agent of Floors for paws Ltd.

PawSafe cushion roll vinyl 

We provide a warranty that on delivery and for a period of 10 years in the case of PawSafe cushion roll vinyl flooring for 10 years (commercial use) and 20 year (domestic use)

8.1 – The Warranty shall be effective for any Product purchased from the commencement of the Product delivery date. 

8.2 – Application of the Warranty shall apply provided that:

the Product has been installed in professional premises; – the Product has been laid in accordance with professional practices and any applicable regulations in force and, in all cases, in accordance with the most recent instructions for use applicable on the purchase date of PawSafe, as specified by Floors For Paws. The Product has been used in ordinary conditions and in compliance with the recommendations provided by FFP. The Product has been regularly maintained in compliance with the recommendations provided by FFP.

Exclusions 8.3 –  The Warranty shall not apply to damage resulting from a cause not related to the Product, including but not limited to: – use of the material for a purpose other than the intended purpose; – fire, explosion, exceptional weather conditions or natural disasters; – damage occurring during Product storage or handling prior to laying; – defective installation; – damage due to poor installation or improper preparation of the surface prior to laying the Product; – damage due to the absence of appropriate protective covering (e.g matting, etc.) on the Product; – damage caused by the installation or moving of furniture without adequate protection of the Product and of the feet or legs of the furniture (e.g. plastic or felt protection) damage caused by sharp, cutting or piercing materials, stains, scratches, splashes, burns or any other marks caused by using the product, damage caused by using the PawSafe in a damp environment, accidents, chance events, losses of human life, design or construction errors, adhesive defects preventing the coating from bonding to the surface, be it concrete or any other material, caused by rising damp, trapped vapour or other surface defects, failure by contractors or persons responsible for the installation to comply with the specifications and professional practices, defective joints and welds, random wear on certain areas of the surface, alteration to the gloss howsoever caused and other aesthetic disorders, changes to the initial appearance of the floor covering, especially in areas of intensive use and areas exposed to excessive use and particularly caused by the input of sand, gravel, dust and dirt in and around buildings, tinting or fading of the covering due to sunlight, heat or other, damage caused by negligence or inappropriate maintenance procedures or any other causes beyond the control of FFP, damage due to stains, cuts, scratches, crushing, grooves, scrapes, perforations, burns and fading caused by residual carpet dye, by rubber or other synthetic material backings used for mats, or by painted or asphalt surfaces, damage due to the absence or insufficiency of protection on furniture legs and feet and the floor, or to any other improper use of the floor covering. 

8.4 – The Warranty shall not cover damage due to normal wear or obsolescence of the Product, the presence of mould and/or water between the floor covering and the surface also excludes the warranty and can particularly cause the appearance of swells in the floor covering, or fading, stains and unpleasant odours. 

8.5 – Floors For Paws reserves the right to inspect or to have the Product inspected by an authorised agent or representative and to take a sample of the Product on site for analysis. If all or any part of the Product is effectively recognised as being defective prior to being laid and the Warranty is applicable, FFP shall replace the defective part by providing the buyer or the end user, as applicable, via the distributor of the original Product, with an identical product, if the reference is still sold, or a product of equivalent quality in the product range existing at the time of the complaint, as soon as possible and at the latest within 60 days of receiving notification of the Product’s defect. 

8.6 – Products replaced under the Warranty shall be guaranteed for the remaining term of the initial Warranty. If all or any part of the product proves to be defective once the material has been laid and the Contractual Warranty is applicable, FFP shall grant compensation based on a sliding scale according to the warranty period that has elapsed and taking account of the depreciation the Product has undergone. 

8.7 – The Warranty does not cover laying and/or removal costs which shall remain payable by the buyer or the end user. It is exclusive of all other refund or extra compensation. 

8.8 – This Warranty is the only warranty offered by FFP in respect of its PawSafe product.

8.9 – Should any provisions of the Warranty contradict any applicable national legislation, such provisions shall be deemed amended to be compliant with the applicable law, the other provisions of the Warranty remaining in full force and effect in relation to the beneficiary of the Warranty. 

8.10 – With regards to labour, our service guarantee is to cover workmanship and is limited to 12 months from installation date. These guarantees are void if the flooring is subject to negligence, misuse, improper maintenance, and if repairs or alterations have been carried out by anyone other than an agent of Floors for paws Ltd.

8.11 The warranty does not cover staining caused by improper use of chemicals or chemicals that are not PH neutral.


9.1 – Floors for Paws Ltd have carried out extensive testing and research to ensure we sell only the very best flooring for your dog.  We cannot, however, accept any liability for your dog slipping and injuring themselves on our flooring due to an extensive range of variables.


9.2 – By accession www.floorforpaws.com website, you agree that the text, design, images, and graphics, presented within, are copyrighted to Floors For Paws Ltd.

9.3 – We grant permission to users to browse this website electronically, and to print and copy content for purposes limited to non-commercial and personal use.  We strictly prohibit the use of website content for any other purpose.  This website is covered by international and UK copyright laws.

9.4 – Unlawful use of the website, or an act of copying content uploaded on the website, can result in facing a claim for damages.

Floors For Paws reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time.