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Pawsafe Commercial Range

Our PawSafe commercial flooring range provides a safe and comfortable solution for pets and humans alike and is ideal for Veterinary practises. Together with our range of PawSafe domestic range we are able to supply and install a complete solution for reception areas, consultation rooms and operating areas.

PawSafe vinyl flooring has been used in numerous veterinary practices across the UK . The PawSafe range is completely waterproof once laid enhancing effective infection prevention and control while still being an attractive addition to interior designs.

Industry Leading

Best flooring for dogs

The PawSafe range has an industry leading PTV slip rating of 96 PTV in dry areas and 63 PTV in  wet areas under the British Standard BS 7976 Pendulum Test. It is completely waterproof once  laid so can be washed down daily without  damage to the floor. The 0.7mm wear layer made up of 5 separate layers for maximum durability allows us to offer a 10 year commercial  guarantee.

We have been working in conjunction with CAMS (Canine Arthritis Management) to find the best flooring solution for arthritic dogs.  It is a charity close to our heart, as such we are a proud sponsor of their work and will be donating 10% of all sales of this range to them.


PawSafe plank layers

Canine Arthritis Management

Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) was developed by Hannah Capon, a veterinary surgeon with wide-ranging experience of working with arthritic dogs, their owners and fellow professionals to create effective long-term management plans.

CAM is committed to promoting better care of our ageing canine friends. We believe that through education the disease can be better tackled to give our dogs longer, healthier lives free from pain. CAM aims to challenge arthritis as the major cause of elective euthanasia in the UK. 

Our PawSafe range offers Arthritic dogs maximum grip to aid their movement; reducing slips and further pain and discomfort.

Canine Arthritis Management are kindly offering their Essential guide to managing a dog with Arthritis FREE to all Floors For Paws customers

*Code available from FFP upon purchase of flooring

More appealing for pets

Made for vets

Floors For Paws understand the importance of making Vets practices more appealing for pets, and the movement away from more industrial and clinical looking flooring has inspired our range. The wood and stone effect flooring we offer is similar to the look of flooring usually in homes, and as such is more comforting for pets.

As well as vets, this flooring is ideal for all pet friendly commercial applications due to its strength, durability and safety.

Paws in motion canine hydro
Paws in Motion Hydro – Mercier
Fauna Veterinary
Fauna Veterinary – Rydal

Fauna Vets – Fear free veterinary practice

The first-class service your dog receives from Floors for Paws’ safe and comfortable flooring often means your dog won’t want to leave!

Punit and his wife Priya created a purpose-built independent vet care facility in Northwood to provide pets and owners with the very best care packages. They wanted the safest and most welcoming interior, so chose our Pawsafe Commercial Range.

Incorporating fear-free flooring into veterinary practices is not just about enhancing the physical environment but also about nurturing positive emotional experiences for pets and their owners. By prioritising safety, comfort, and familiarity, veterinarians can create environments that support the wellbeing of pets, minimise stress and anxiety, and ultimately enhance the quality of care provided.

As the understanding of fear free practices continues to evolve, so too does the importance of pet-friendly flooring in veterinary clinics. By embracing innovative flooring solutions designed with the needs of pets in mind, veterinarians can transform their practices into havens of comfort and compassion, where pets and owners feel welcomed, valued, and cared for every step of the way.

Fauna Vets, Northwood

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