Best non-slip flooring for dogs and their owners

Award winning vet endorses Floors for paws

The best flooring for dogs is one that keeps them safe and makes them feel confident. Here, we look at the best non-slip flooring for dogs and their owners.


As babies, we crawl before finding our feet and learning to walk, but for our four-legged friends, there is no crawling stage beyond their first couple of weeks – they simply get up and off they go. But like us, those initial steps can be shaky and unsteady and at Floors for Paws, we believe it’s important they have flooring beneath them that will help and not hinder them. Dogs can also develop conditions over time that can seriously impair their ability to walk as they get older, such as hip dysplasia and canine arthritis. So, what should we be looking for in our flooring choices?

Non slip flooring for dogs

Carpet is definitely non-slip and can be soft and warm underfoot, but for the sloppy eater or the messy drinker or the puppy in training, it is not practical, being hard to clean and acting like a sponge to every type of spillage. The alternatives of solid wood, laminate and ceramic flooring look great and are durable and hardwearing, but they are all highly slippery for dogs and, in the case of ceramic flooring, cold to the touch. At Floor for Paws, our dog friendly non slip flooring ticks every box that owners want and need; it’s kind to pets of all ages, practical and easy to clean, and it looks great!

Best non slip flooring for dogs from Floor for Paws

Our Pawsafe Commercial and Pawsafe Domestic ranges have both been endorsed by Dr Hannah Capon MA Vet MB MRCVS, CCRP the founder of CAM (Canine Arthritis Management).

Pawsafe Commercial Flooring

In commercial settings that welcome lots of dogs, such as veterinary practices, dog daycare and boarding kennels, anti slip flooring for dogs is essential. The Pawsafe Commercial range is perfect for high traffic areas such as treatment areas or consultation rooms and it boasts the highest slip rating score for commercial vinyl flooring currently available in the UK. It is supplied on the roll so far fewer joins in the vinyl are necessary, providing a completely waterproof surface. The multi-layered construction includes not only an anti-slip layer, but also a cushion comfort layer sandwiched between an insulated backing layer and a UV-cured polyurethane top layer for long lasting durability and protection. When professionally installed, we can offer a 10-year commercial guarantee with any of the wood- or stone-effect flooring options from the Pawsafe Commercial range.

Pawsafe Domestic Flooring

The perfect complement to our commercial vinyl flooring, our Pawsafe Domestic range can be used in any commercial reception area or waiting room to create a welcoming environment for visitors with a far less clinical aesthetic. Offered in a choice of 18 different designs and two plank sizes to enable you to create classic herringbone designs anywhere in your home, the Pawsafe Domestic range is suitable for every type and style of home. Not only does the range have the highest slip rating on the market, but it is also hardwearing and scratch resistant and features a clever, textured surface layer that enables unsteady dogs to walk with less risk of losing their balance.

Dog proof flooring for pet owners

With over 150 5* reviews on Trustpilot, we know that our customers agree with us. From owners of pets with spinal issues who are prone to slipping, to dog trainers who have shot noise comparison videos of laminate flooring Vs vinyl flooring for Floor for Paws, we are able to help hundreds of pet owners each year. To find out why vinyl flooring is the best flooring for dogs, simply email us at or give our friendly team a call on 01522 300218 today.

LVT Vs. click flooring – Which is best for dog owners?

LVT vs Click

At Floors for Paws, we supply and fit luxury vinyl flooring which we know is the best flooring for dogs.


LVT flooring can be installed in two ways – glue-down or click. At Floors for Paws, our product ranges are glue down but here we look at the alternative, click vinyl flooring, to see how it compares.

What is vinyl click flooring?

As its name suggests, vinyl click flooring is made up of interlocking tiles that ‘click’ together thanks to a tongue and groove style system where the edge of one tile will lock into the next. Also known as floating vinyl flooring, click flooring is not permanently fixed to the floor but rather sits or ‘floats’ on top of it.

The disadvantages of vinyl click flooring

  • Many people think that because click flooring requires only underlay and no preparation of your sub-floor, that it is preferable to glue-down. However if your subfloor is not up to standard, it will need some work before an underlay product can be fitted. With glue-down LVT, there is no need for underlay and preparing your sub-floor for luxury vinyl plank flooring is straightforward.
  • Where noise and sound levels are important, click vinyl is not ideal – the adhesive bond in glue-down LVT provides increased stability and noise reduction.
  • Glue-down LVT is completely waterproof and ideal for any room in the home. Click vinyl, however features joints that can be easily penetrated by high levels of moisture, resulting in warping and damage. Additionally where water and other liquids like dog pee are able to penetrate the joins, this can lead to the integrity of the flooring being compromised, and smells.
  • When exposed to fluctuating temperature conditions, click flooring will have movement. The tiles or planks will expand and contract with the heat which will lead to the floor rising over time. It will also need expansion gaps around the perimeter to help with this which add to its overall lack of water resistance and require beading trim or skirting boards.

The benefits of LVT flooring from Floors For Paws

Working closely with CAM, our priority at Floors For Paws has always been to deliver the best flooring for dogs and their owners.

Our flooring has the highest slip rating of any vinyl currently on the market, making it super safe for young, gangly puppies and older, unsteady dogs.

A soft, comfort cushion layer makes it comfortable underfoot for pet owners and offers a kinder cushioning for pets to lie down on.

When professionally installed LVT flooring is completely waterproof and comes with a 30-year domestic guarantee.

Our Pawsafe Domestic range comes in a choice of 12 realistic, wood-effect vinyl planks, allowing home owners to create the look of traditional solid wood flooring. Of course, this kind of choice can be overwhelming, so let us send you up to three free samples (or more for a small charge) to help you decide.

If you are still undecided, consider the options carefully, but before making your final choice, read what one of our trusted installation experts has to say. If you have any further questions after that, we’re here to help. Contact us at or on 01522 300218.

What is LVT flooring? A complete explanation

dogs on luxury vinyl flooring

LVT flooring is a hardwearing, low maintenance flooring and here, we discuss why we believe LVT flooring is the best flooring for dogs.

What is LVT flooring?

Short for Luxury Vinyl Tiles, LVT flooring is a luxury vinyl flooring product manufactured from several layers of PVC that are bonded together. At Floors for Paws, our LVT flooring is available in a choice of realistic looking natural wood- or stone-effect finishes.

Is LVT better than laminate?

Laminate flooring is supplied in plank form with the planks comprising layers of pressed wood pulp with a plastic top layer. As LVT is made from a plastic composite, it is a much more flexible flooring option with a softer surface. LVT is also much more durable than laminate and, because of this, manufacturers are able to offer longer guarantees. At Floors for Paws, when our LVT is fitted by one of our approved suppliers, it comes with a 30-year domestic guarantee.

What is the lifespan of LVT flooring?

At Floors for Paws, our LVT range has an expected lifespan of 30 years (hence the guarantee we are able to offer). Its multi-layer construction with surface ‘wear’ layer means our luxury vinyl range will stand the test of time and of course knowing how to clean vinyl floors correctly will also help to prolong its lifespan.

What rooms is LVT flooring suitable for?

Its excellent durability coupled with stylish and stunning good looks, makes LVT flooring suitable for any room in your home. As it is completely waterproof (read Best waterproof flooring for pets), it is particularly suitable for bathrooms and kitchens and it will also withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for hallways and entrance halls. For living or dining rooms where a traditional herringbone effect is preferred, wood-effect luxury vinyl planks are perfect.

The benefits of LVT flooring to pet owners

In addition to its durability, water resistance and low maintenance, LVT flooring really is the best flooring for dogs. Offering the good looks of a real wood or stone floor, luxury vinyl flooring has none of the disadvantages. It has a non-slip, textured surface layer to help young and old dogs alike to maintain their balance plus an additional comfort layer and a fleece backing. Designed especially with your pets in mind, the range has been endorsed by CAM (Canine Arthritis Management).

LVT flooring from Floors for Paws

At Floors for Paws, our luxury vinyl range is offered in a choice of 8 wood-effect vinyl planks, ideal for creating a traditional herringbone design, and 6 stone-effect tiles ideal for replicating a ceramic floor. We understand the choice can be overwhelming, so why not choose up to three free samples (or more for a small charge) to help you decide?

Once you’ve received your samples, ordering couldn’t be easier! Simply follow the four easy steps in How to order and we’ll do the rest. For any other questions, our friendly team can be contacted by email at or over the phone on 01522 300218.