Why vinyl flooring is the best flooring for dogs

Vinyl flooring is the best for dogs

At Floors for Paws, we believe the best flooring for dogs is vinyl flooring and here’s why.


As pet owners, we have the pick of flooring solutions for our four legged friends, from deep pile carpet to real wood floors and lots in between but which is the best flooring for dogs and why?

Carpet – obviously comfortable and warm for pets to lie down on but not the best flooring for dogs that pee! Carpet fibres will retain odours, take a long time to dry out and can discolour easily.

Solid wood floors – hard, solid wood floors are uncomfortable for dogs to lie on and can be unyielding to older dogs with arthritic joints. Wood will absorb liquid (think puppies who are still being house-trained and older dogs who may have incontinence) and will stain easily. For dogs who are unsteady on their feet, wood flooring offers no traction and will succumb to claws easily, becoming scratched and damaged.

Tiles – ceramic tiles are undoubtedly waterproof but are cold and uncomfortable in the extreme. For dogs and owners alike, ceramic tiles can pose a real slip risk which can cause serious injury too.

Laminate floors – while laminate will withstand small spillages, excess liquid will penetrate the fibreboard construction of the flooring damaging it and causing it to buckle. Extremely slippery underfoot and paws, laminate will scratch easily and its hard surface is uncomfortable for dogs.

Vinyl flooring

Offering a choice of luxury vinyl sheet flooring, LVT flooring (luxury vinyl tiles), and luxury vinyl planks, vinyl flooring is popular with pet owners. As pet friendly flooring goes, vinyl flooring can’t be beaten. It’s durable and hardwearing and, when professionally installed, is waterproof. Additionally, vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and will resist scratches and dents, making it perfect for any room in the home.  For business or industrial use, vinyl flooring comes with a commercial-quality wear layer with fiberglass reinforcement and has a textured surface layer to help reduce the risk of slipping. A super soft comfort layer makes this extra comfortable for dogs of all ages too.

The best flooring for dogs from Floors for Paws

At Floors for Paws, we have worked with Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) to develop a flooring solution that is pet-friendly and budget-friendly.  Our Pawsafe Domestic Range is available as luxury vinyl planks and our Luxury Vinyl Range is supplied as tiles, allowing homeowners to choose from a wide selection of stylish patterns, both contemporary and traditional to suit every home.

We also supply a range of luxury vinyl sheet flooring – the Pawsafe Commercial Range – which is perfect for any commercial premises, including veterinary clinics, grooming parlours and dog daycare centres. Indeed, many of our commercial customers will choose from the Pawsafe Commercial Range for areas of high traffic that require thorough cleaning, for example in consultation or surgical rooms at vet clinics, and from the Pawsafe Domestic Range for reception areas to offer their own clients a warm and friendly welcome.

To see for yourself just why we believe vinyl flooring is the best flooring for you and your dogs, why not order up to three free samples today? Alternatively, our friendly sales team is on hand to help answer any questions you might have – simply send an email to info@floorsforpaws.com or give us a call on 01522 300218.

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