Veterinary Flooring – a guide to the best flooring for your practice

Veterinary flooring has to be durable enough to withstand some tough conditions, but it doesn’t have to look clinical and cold.

The demands on animal and veterinary flooring are huge! It has to cope with traffic that comes in all shapes, sizes and weight, be easy to clean and maintain, and resist a variety of fluids and liquids that might be left on it. Is it even possible to tick all those boxes and have a great aesthetic that will look inviting to two-legged visitors as well? At Floors for Paws, we think it is and, in this guide, we examine the features of quality veterinary clinic flooring, and why our vinyl Pawsafe Commercial Range fits the bill.


This is really important in a busy vet’s practice. Flooring needs to withstand a lot of traffic and be resistant to the wear and tear from a variety of claws, paws and maybe even hooves that will scratch and scuff. Flooring that can bear the weight of heavy equipment too is an advantage, and one that will not need to be replaced every couple of years will be appreciated by practice managers. With correct maintenance following professional installation, vinyl flooring can last for years and our entire range is supplied with a 10 year commercial guarantee.

Low maintenance and easy to clean

Veterinary floors are a breeding ground for dirt and germs but with a seamless flooring, germs and bacteria have nowhere to hide. A seamless floor is also easy to sweep and mop regularly and is impervious to liquid penetration when correctly installed. The Pawsafe Commercial Range is supplied in vinyl flooring rolls for a seamless installation and is waterproof, thanks to its PVC composition. Needing nothing more than mopping with an approved cleaning product, it is also extremely low maintenance and will cope with being washed down daily.

Slip resistant and comfortable for pets

The Pawsafe range boasts an industry-leading slip rating and has been approved by Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) as safe for arthritic dogs. The anti-slip surface offers maximum grip while the multi-layer construction also offers a level of comfort for old bones that isn’t seen in inferior quality vinyl flooring.

Good looking flooring

In a busy practice, there will be a lot of people coming and going, and having an attractive floor reflects on your brand and your values as a business. The Pawsafe Range includes a Commercial Range and a Domestic Range. Used together, the domestic range is perfect for welcoming clients in the reception and waiting areas, and the commercial range makes the best flooring in consultation and treatment areas.  Both are available in a choice of colours and patterns and offer a much less clinical look than standard veterinary flooring, while creating a coordinated look throughout the premises.

If you need new veterinary flooring, don’t just take our word for how good the Pawsafe Range is; the Caerphilly Veterinary Clinic left a wonderful testimonial after we helped them to replace their flooring. For any questions you might have, about any of our ranges, or to choose up to three free samples, please give us a call on 01937 830948 or drop us an email at

Pet-proof or pet-friendly – what’s the difference?

pet friendly flooring

In the flooring industry, we often see the phrases ‘pet-proof’ and ‘pet-friendly’ but what do they each mean? Here, we examine these labels to unpick exactly what they mean for you and your pets.

What is dog-proof flooring?

If you do an internet search for dog-proof flooring, you’ll get dozens of results for flooring companies. A closer look reveals that dog-proof refers to the qualities that will best withstand the wear and tear from pets; scratch resistance, easy to clean, low maintenance, waterproof.

All of these qualities are worthy of the pet-proof label but, when you search pet friendly flooring, the same results appear. At Floors for Paws, we believe that pet friendly or dog friendly flooring should be just that – kind to your beloved pets and not just something that makes life easier for owners. Of course, a happy owner makes for a happy pet so we have created a range of flooring that is pet friendly and owner friendly.

Pet friendly flooring from Floors for Paws

All our flooring is manufactured from quality vinyl, offering all the features you’d expect from a pet-proof flooring solution.

Low maintenance – following correct installation, a vinyl floor needs nothing more than a sweep to keep it looking tidy so no more dragging the heavy vacuum out every day.

Easy to clean – a damp mop and an approved cleaning product will keep your vinyl floor looking like new.

Waterproof – PVC, the material vinyl flooring is made from, is completely waterproof.

Scratch resistant – vinyl flooring is given a final, scratch resistant, surface layer that will withstand scuffs, scratches and stains.

On top of these qualities, our flooring really is kinder to your pets, making it the best dog friendly vinyl flooring on the market. Let’s take a look at why!

What is the best pet friendly flooring?

The best pet friendly flooring is one that cares about and caters for the needs of your pet. The Pawsafe Domestic Range offers comfort for old bones thanks to a unique comfort backing that gives better cushioning – perfect for any pet but particularly older, arthritic dogs who may spend a lot of their day lying down. It also has the highest slip rating of any vinyl plank flooring currently on the market, making it the best non slip flooring for dogs. For pet owners, this means that unsteady dogs (young and old) are less likely to slip and cause damage to delicate or fragile joints.

Canine Arthritis Management (CAM)

Our Pawsafe range has been fully approved by CAM, an organisation committed to the effective, long term management of canine arthritis and has also received endorsements from veterinary clinics and animal physios.

If you would like to experience our truly dog friendly flooring solutions for yourself, you can choose up to three samples from the Pawsafe Domestic Range, the Pawsafe Commercial Range, or the Luxury Vinyl Range. Our friendly, dog mad team is also available to answer any questions you have about flooring and can be contacted on 01937 830948 or by email at

Non-slip flooring for dogs

safe flooring for dogs

Watching dogs sliding along highly polished floors is funny in old cartoons, but the reality of a slippery floor, particularly for older dogs, is no laughing matter. Here, we look at non-slip flooring for dogs and why it’s so important to get it right.

The risks to dogs of slippery floors

Just like humans, dogs feel insecure on slippery surfaces and when they understand that there is the possibility of falling or sliding, it will make them unstable. For dogs of any age, this feeling of instability will lead to a lack of confidence which will make them alter their gait when walking, overusing muscles to maintain their stability. For older dogs who may be suffering from canine arthritis, as well as puppies who haven’t fully developed, a fall will cause pain and may result in serious injury.

The need for good quality, anti slip flooring for dogs is important in any setting, but especially in environments which welcome lots of dogs of different ages, such as veterinary practices, doggy day care and commercial kennels. At Floors For Paws, we work closely with veterinarian professionals to ensure we have a deep understanding of what a floor has to deliver.

The features of dog-friendly flooring

So, if you are in the market for new flooring, what should you be looking for? Humans need pet flooring that is easy to keep clean and water resistant. Dogs on the other hand, need flooring that is not hard, so that the risk of injury through falls is reduced, nor cold as cold flooring affects circulation and is unforgiving to arthritic paws.  Flooring that offers good traction and grip will not only reduce the incidence of sliding for the dogs but will also allow them to get back up more easily if they do fall.

Best non slip flooring for dogs

While carpet is soft and warm, it isn’t very practical when it comes to accidents and in a commercial setting is impractical from a hygiene point of view. Wood flooring and laminate both offer a great aesthetic and can be durable and hardwearing for the humans walking on it. Sadly for our four legged friends, they are both highly slippery and would be a hard landing surface for dogs of any age. Just as slippery are ceramic tiles, which come with the added disadvantage to dogs of being extremely cold under paws. So what does that leave?

Luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for owners and dogs alike. Humans love that it is easy to clean, scratch resistant, waterproof and available in a wide range of attractive designs. Dogs love that it is not cold to the touch, is comfortable to lie down on and has good grip when they want to get back up.

Ease of cleaning, scratch resistance, traction, and moisture damage are all considerations in choosing the best flooring for homes with pets. Both laminate and luxury vinyl flooring are great choices but if the pet is prone to accidents, luxury vinyl is the way to go thanks to its waterproof qualities.

The Pawsafe Commercial Range from Floors For Paws

Our Pawsafe commercial flooring is high quality vinyl roll flooring approved by CAM (Canine Arthritis Management) that will please two- and four-legged users! Ideal for making pet-care settings and veterinary practices more appealing, while being easy to clean and maintain, the wide range of colours and designs available would also look perfect in a family home. With a cushion comfort layer and an anti-slip wear layer, this is a flooring that is kind to puppies and dogs of all ages and gentle on their joints.

To find out more about a flooring that appeals to humans while prioritising the needs of their pets, or to order three free samples, call us today on 01937 830948 or email us at

Flooring for Vets

Vet with dog

Over the course of the last five years we not only been growing as a business we have also been learning as we go. We have had the pleasure of working closely with Hannah Capon at Canine Arthritis Management as well as leading manufactures in the flooring industry. FFP have been involved in numerous new build and refurbishments of veterinary practices and even more exciting for us we are also finding ourselves specified in these types of projects.

What do FFP do differently?

FFP offer a complete flooring solution for your veterinary practice which can be tailored to match your individual requirements. We understand not every practice is the same, some offer surgical or specialty services others focus on general veterinary practices; there is also the broad spectrum of both large and small animals to consider. FFP have four ranges of flooring each with its own key properties, however all of them offer a waterproof, low VOC emissions, stain resistant, easy to clean attractive flooring covering with a 10 year commercial warranty. Floors for Paws have approved subcontractors throughout the UK who are able to carry out all subfloor works required and fit the flooring, alternatively if there are flooring contractors’ onsite we are happy to liaise with them about the installation process.

Floors for Paws Wood Effect (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

This is the most popular range, it comes in planks (1200mm x 180mm x 2.5mm) the top surface has a deep grain and a double PU wear layer. The deep grain gives your dog the ability to grip, push themselves up from lying down with ease and walk with confidence. LVT of some kind is found in most domestic settings therefore something your animal is probably familiar with; having this in a reception area instead of a safety flooring they rarely come across may reduce stress levels.

Areas: Reception, consultation rooms
Properties: Waterproof, hardwearing, scratch resistant to claws

Floors for Paws Stone Effect (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

This range comes in tiles which are either 458mm x 458mm or 305mm x 610mm depending on which colour you opt for. The texture is almost sandy as the flooring has an anti-slip aggregate running through it. This flooring has a low risk slip rating in both the wet and dry and a double PU wear layer.

Areas: Reception, consultation rooms
Properties: Waterproof, hardwearing, scratch resistant to claws, good anti-slip properties in wet and dry

CAM Endorsed – Paw Safe Commercial Flooring

This range is a cushion roll vinyl which CAM has endorsed; it has a low slip risk and a softer feel. This flooring has a 0.7 wear layer and comes in 2 meter widths; it is hot welded at joins and usually run up the wall to form a skirting using a cap and cove system.

Areas: Surgical suites, kennels, radiology and imaging rooms
Properties: Waterproof, hardwearing, enhanced slip resistance in wet and dry, can withstand heavy duty washing down, very good electrical resistance

CAM Endorsed – Paw Safe Domestic Flooring

This range is an LVT however it is not a rigid back LVT, the backing is felt which makes it cushioned so is softer. This flooring has a 0.6 wear layer and comes in planks which are either 1000mm x 125mm or smaller planks which are 500mm x 100mm (these are suitable for herringbone and parquet styles.) It comes with a 10 year commercial warranty.

Areas: Reception, consultation rooms
Properties: Waterproof, hardwearing, scratch resistant to claws, enhanced anti-slip properties in wet and dry, kinder to joints

Please find below just a handful of projects we have done in various practices throughout the UK.

Mulberry House Vets –

Mulberry House vets opted for the Whinfell wood effect Floors for Paws, using the planks to form a skirting.

Fauna Vets –

Fauna vets opted for the Pawsafe Commercial throughout in Delamere

“We’re happy with the look of the flooring and the animals are very comfortable on it”

Guildford Vets –

The Gilford vets opted for the Pawsafe Commercial throughout in Mercier

“The flooring is excellent, does exactly what it says on the tin – dogs move very comfortably on it and don’t slip around, it looks great and was well installed – highly recommend”

Christian Grey – Owner

Caerphilly Vets –

Caerphilly vets opted for the Epping wood effect floors for paws in the front of house areas and the Mercier commercial PawSafe in the back of house areas

“As a busy Veterinary Clinic, when it came time to replace our flooring, we had a few criteria that had to be met. We needed to make sure our four legged visitors would be safe on a non slip floor, but we also wanted the floor to look amazing and less clinical that standard Veterinary flooring. It also needed to be durable! Dogs do have accidents!

We found Floors For Paws and knew they would be the team to work with. From the initial enquiry, to receiving samples, deciding which floor for each area, arranging a site visit and work starting, their communication was excellent!

Such a professional and efficient company!

Everything went smoothly, the floors look fantastic and we’ve had really great comments from our clients.

Our reception doesn’t look clinical anymore, instead it’s warm and welcoming while being a safe place for our fluffy visitors. It’s completely transformed the space and we love it! So much so, that we’re planning to have more Floors for Paws next year because our new reception has put our other reception to shame!

Thanks so much from all of the team and pets at Caerphilly Veterinary Clinic”

Mandy James – Practice Manager

Magnolia Vets –

Magnolia vets opted for the Floors for Paws in their reception area and consultation rooms in Greenwood

Ferndown Family Vets –

See our endorsement from Hannah Capon and CAM below;