Veterinary Flooring – a guide to the best flooring for your practice

Corgi at vets

Veterinary flooring has to be durable enough to withstand some tough conditions, but it doesn’t have to look clinical and cold.

The demands on animal and veterinary flooring are huge! It has to cope with traffic that comes in all shapes, sizes and weight, be easy to clean and maintain, and resist a variety of fluids and liquids that might be left on it. Is it even possible to tick all those boxes and have a great aesthetic that will look inviting to two-legged visitors as well? At Floors for Paws, we think it is and, in this guide, we examine the features of quality veterinary clinic flooring, and why our vinyl Pawsafe Commercial Range fits the bill.


This is really important in a busy vet’s practice. Flooring needs to withstand a lot of traffic and be resistant to the wear and tear from a variety of claws, paws and maybe even hooves that will scratch and scuff. Flooring that can bear the weight of heavy equipment too is an advantage, and one that will not need to be replaced every couple of years will be appreciated by practice managers. With correct maintenance following professional installation, vinyl flooring can last for years and our entire range is supplied with a 10 year commercial guarantee.

Low maintenance and easy to clean

Veterinary floors are a breeding ground for dirt and germs but with a seamless flooring, germs and bacteria have nowhere to hide. A seamless floor is also easy to sweep and mop regularly and is impervious to liquid penetration when correctly installed. The Pawsafe Commercial Range is supplied in vinyl flooring rolls for a seamless installation and is waterproof, thanks to its PVC composition. Needing nothing more than mopping with an approved cleaning product, it is also extremely low maintenance and will cope with being washed down daily.

Slip resistant and comfortable for pets

The Pawsafe range boasts an industry-leading slip rating and has been approved by Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) as safe for arthritic dogs. The anti-slip surface offers maximum grip while the multi-layer construction also offers a level of comfort for old bones that isn’t seen in inferior quality vinyl flooring.

Good looking flooring

In a busy practice, there will be a lot of people coming and going, and having an attractive floor reflects on your brand and your values as a business. The Pawsafe Range includes a Commercial Range and a Domestic Range. Used together, the domestic range is perfect for welcoming clients in the reception and waiting areas, and the commercial range makes the best flooring in consultation and treatment areas.  Both are available in a choice of colours and patterns and offer a much less clinical look than standard veterinary flooring, while creating a coordinated look throughout the premises.

If you need new veterinary flooring, don’t just take our word for how good the Pawsafe Range is; the Caerphilly Veterinary Clinic left a wonderful testimonial after we helped them to replace their flooring. For any questions you might have, about any of our ranges, or to choose up to three free samples, please give us a call on 01937 830948 or drop us an email at

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