Product review: Laughing Dog congratulations Bundle box

laughing dog products

Our 14 month Black lab Bubba was recently gifted this Bundle by our Canine Compadres Laughing Dog food to celebrate the move to our new business address. Thanks guys!

The pack consists of oven-baked Wonderfully Wheat Free Cheesy, Dental and Joint Care dog treats and a delicious wheat free biscuit bone.

Bubba has long been a fan of the Cheesy oaties and snaffles them on a daily basis, however he was yet to try the Dental and joint care treats.

(I think at this point it is important to note that Bubba is not the normal lab when it comes to food and is known at the Vets as the lab who refuses to accept gravy bones!)

We introduced him to the box and his first reaction was to run off with the Celebration dog bone – a good sign….

He chomped through that within 5 minutes so that was the end of his treats for the day.

Over the next week we tried him on the Dental and joint care treats, which he happily ate. I think he favoured the Joint care taste over the mint & parsley, but the dental treats definitely take the edge off his dog breath!

As you may know we were very careful about the type of Dog food company that we became involved with. We chose Laughing Dog as they not only have a similar charitable ethic to us but all ingredients are natural, all baked (not extruded) grown on the farm and all free of all artificial flavourings. This is very important to us.

There was not one thing in the hamper that his Lordship turned his nose up at and that is an achievement in itself. We have now ordered our next selection of treats!

Pick up your hamper today at the Laughing Dog.

Full marks for taste from the dark prince….