What flooring is best for dogs?

A guide to the best flooring for dogs in any situation.

At Floors for Paws, we believe that the best flooring for dogs should be suitable for the setting, the dogs and their humans. Here we tell you why we believe a Floors for Paws solution is the best for everyone!

Dog friendly flooring

As our four-legged friends spend the majority of their time on the floor, it’s vital we understand what they need from it. We also need to understand that what they need from flooring isn’t necessarily what we, as owners, need. We have discussed the difference between pet-proof and pet-friendly flooring previously but here is a quick recap.

What do dogs need from flooring?

  • Dogs need a flooring solution that allows them to move around with confidence, while feeling safe and secure on their paws. Pups finding their feet are prone to joint damage and dislocation on slippery floors, and need stability while developing muscles gain strength. Likewise, elderly dogs risk pain and breakages if they fall. So, a non slip flooring for dogs that offers them good grip, is essential.
  • All dogs deserve to lie down and be comfortable, especially older dogs who may have canine arthritis. Comfort means a forgiving surface that isn’t hard and one that remains at a consistent temperature – cold surfaces will exacerbate joint pain.

What do owners need from flooring?

  • We know that our customers want the best flooring for their dogs by what do they need it to do/have to meet their needs?
  • Easy to clean – this is especially true in high traffic areas of the home or anywhere that will encounter muddy paws and shoes.
  • Tough and durable and resistant to claws and scratches – unless you opt for a tiled surface, other flooring will succumb to claws, with wood, carpet and laminate quickly showing signs of damage.
  • Waterproof is important. From toilet accidents caused by training puppies or age-related canine incontinence, to upturned water bowls, our floors need to be waterproof.
  • A great aesthetic – let’s face it, we want our floors to look good, whichever room they’re in. For businesses that welcome dogs it’s important that human visitors get the right impression as soon as they cross the threshold too.

Why Floors for Paws offers the best flooring for dogs in the UK

At Floors for Paws, we offer a choice of three dog-friendly flooring solutions that are also dog owner friendly! So, whether you need a stylish yet traditional floor in your dining room, or a hardwearing floor for your veterinary practice, we have the floor for you.

Pawsafe Domestic Range

  • A textured surface layer gives dogs a secure footing
  • Offers a consistent temperature year-round
  • Sound absorption 15db
  • Will withstand scratches from dog claws
  • Low maintenance and waterproof
  • Approved by Canine Arthritis Management
  • Vet endorsed
  • Offered in a choice of plank size
  • Suitable for any room in the house and ideal for commercial reception areas
  • 30 year domestic guarantee/10 year commercial guarantee when professionally installed
  • See the entire range here

Pawsafe Commercial Range

  • A textured non slip surface layer
  • Offers a consistent temperature year-round
  • Will withstand scratches from dog claws
  • Low maintenance and waterproof
  • Approved by Canine Arthritis Management
  • Offered as a continuous piece off the roll (like carpet)
  • Perfect for high traffic commercial areas (veterinary consultation rooms, dog day care centres, canine cafes)
  • See the entire range here

Luxury Vinyl Range

  • Textured surface
  • Double wear layer
  • Choice of wood- or stone-effect finish
  • Offered as tiles (great for creating traditional floor patterns)
  • Low maintenance and waterproof
  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • 30 year domestic guarantee when professionally installed
  • Perfect for hallways, living rooms and dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms
  • See the entire range here

For information about any of our ranges, email the team at info@floorsforpaws.com or give us a call on 01522 300218 today.

How your dog will react to new flooring

Blizzard on wychwood flooring

As you know Floors For Paws has an industry leading slip rating and is embossed with grain effect to aid in your dog’s safe movement around the home and at work. If the area you have laid Floors For Paws has had another floor covering previously this will be a significant change in their environment so it is important to look at the factors involved for them when you have your Floors For Paws installed.

If you have previously had smooth flooring such as engineered wood, ceramic or porcelain tile, or any such non-profiled floor covering your dog will enjoy the extra grip our flooring gives them, but it still a change in their lives that they need to adjust to.

If you have had carpet down previously your dog may well expect to be able to move the same on Floors For Paws as on carpet – again; there needs to be a period of adjustment for them until they realise and make the connection between the change in the floor and its effect on their behaviour patterns. To aid in their adaptation it can be advisable to add ‘islands’ of soft flooring such as rugs until they are fully confident on the new floor.

In either case we recommend that your dogs are introduced to the new floor slowly (rather than letting them charge in as normal only to find that their normal movement over the floor has a different result.

Walk them in, let them have a sniff of the new floor – this is a bigger change for them than it is for us as they cannot process the change in the same way we can.

Over the last few years we have found all dogs soon find happiness on the clean, anti-slip, and hypo-allergenic floor they now have in their lives.

On Floors For Paws dogs, if traveling at full pace will enjoy a controlled slide bringing them to a gentle stop like they would on grass or concrete – This is important as a dead stop at full pace can cause over exertion on joints. Equally; it is better than on smooth flooring in which dogs can slide out of control without being able to stop which can cause injury through collisions with walls and furniture and strains and tears of ACL ligaments through over stretching of joints while trying to regain control.

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Why is your Floor so important to Dogs?

Best flooring for dogs

If your head was a foot away from the floor at all times you’d be pretty interested in it too!

As you know Dogs rely on scents to navigate, to rest and to play. As we understand the needs of our greatest companions more and more we realise that we can help them by providing them with a clean, safe environment.

Flooring is a huge part of that environment; While they love to find unsavoury elements hidden deep in our carpets we know that this is not healthy for them. Allergens that can become stored in soft furnishings such as rugs, carpets and curtains can cause them symptoms that include regular ear infections, sneezing, itching and skin inflammation.

Another element to consider is slippery floors such as polished ceramic, laminate and smooth tiles. This type of flooring has kept Animal physios busy for the last 15 years. Strains, concussion, sprains and ligament damage are common injuries for dogs slipping on floors.

Then there is the little accidents; Although our beloved woofers amaze us with what they will actually put into their mouth when out on walks, just like us they do not like the scent of ones and twos in their home. Carpeting and rugs can retain the nastiness in their fibres and linger to the chagrin of humans and dogs.

‘Hey; that’s a lot about our Dogs; What about us?’

Well said; What do we want? Personally I want a safe flooring for my dogs, but your damn sure I want it to be easy to maintain and I don’t want my dog to ruin it! Mrs FFP and
I have had wooden flooring in the past which we love the look of, however it became stained, scratched and scuffed very quickly thanks to our Dogs. As you know; not cheap to replace!
So hopefully something to bear in mind for dog owners when choosing your next floor covering.


Floors For Paws Luxury planks are Hypo-allergenic, wipe clean, non-absorbent and Anti-slip, and Anti-scuff, and with its realistic wood effect finish it really is the World’s Best flooring For Dogs’

For more information on our products and to browse our selection, click here to explore our PawSafe Domestic Range.

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