What is the best flooring if you have for dogs

best flooring for dogs

Loving pet owners want the best of everything for their dogs and here, we take a close look at the best flooring for dogs.


When we talk about the best flooring for dogs, we often mean the best flooring for dog owners but at Floors for Paws, we believe that flooring can be both! As we previously discussed in our blog post ‘Pet-proof or pet-friendly – what’s the difference?’ dog proof flooring usually just means it will withstand wear and tear from pets and be easy to clean for owners, while pet friendly flooring will be kind to pets.

Dog friendly flooring

Our flooring has to be kind to our pets, whatever their age. Puppies who are finding their feet and older dogs who are losing their mobility, all need flooring that will help them and support their mobility. Which is why non-slip flooring for dogs is essential.

Non-slip flooring for dogs

Most of the non-carpet flooring solutions in today’s market – ceramic tiles, solid wood, and laminate – while durable and hardwearing, are unforgiving to our pets and pose a real risk of injury to them through slipping and falling. The best flooring for dogs, therefore, needs to offer them good grip and traction so that they can not only move across it with ease, but also get back up easily if they do lose their footing.

Pet friendly flooring

As well as offering a good slip rating, the best flooring for dogs must also cater to their other needs. Older, arthritic dogs are likely to spend a large part of their time lying down so a flooring that is comfortable for them is best. Carpet may be comfortable but it’s also very chewable(!) stains easily, will become damaged by spillages (think dog pee and water bowls) and provides a warm, safe home for fleas and pests. Likewise, hardwood floors, tiles and laminate can be cold and all are extremely hard and uncomfortable.

Pet-proof flooring

While the best flooring for dogs should meet their needs, it can also be pet-proof, and keep pet owners happy too. Flooring should be easy to clean, waterproof, scratch resistant and low maintenance. That’s a lot to ask of any flooring but at Floors for Paws, our vinyl flooring ticks all the boxes.

Why Floors for Paws offers the best flooring for dogs

At Floors for Paws, our PawSafe flooring ranges have been developed in partnership with Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) to be kind to dogs. Our Pawsafe Domestic range and our Luxury Vinyl range are supplied in a choice of plank or tile options in a range of attractive wood- and stone-effect finishes to satisfy the most house proud amongst us. The multi-layered construction has a textured surface layer plus a soft, comfort layer for kinder cushioning. Both ranges also offer the highest slip rating of any vinyl plank flooring and are therefore the best non-slip flooring for dogs currently in the market. Pet owners love our flooring because it’s kind to their pets and it’s great for them; read Best flooring for pet owners to find out why.

If you want the best flooring for your dogs, simply call us today on 01522 300218 to find out more, or  drop us an email to info@floorsforpaws.com

A comprehensive guide to commercial vinyl flooring

commercial vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is an increasingly popular choice for commercial premises. In our latest guide we look at what commercial vinyl flooring can offer your business.


Found in a wide variety of situations, from hotel lobbies and shop entrances, to veterinary practices and canine cafes, commercial flooring is available in many varieties. Here at Floors For Paws, we specialise in commercial vinyl flooring, but what exactly is it and what benefits can it offer your business?

What is commercial vinyl flooring?

Commercial (or safety) vinyl flooring is manufactured specifically to provide a watertight flooring solution in commercial and/or public areas, with excellent slip ratings to create a safe environment with reduced risks of tripping or falling.

Slip rating of commercial flooring

The slip resistance of a floor is, in its simplest form, a measure of how slippery that floor is, and is calculated using the PTV system. Generally speaking, the higher the slip resistance, the less slippery a floor is. At Floors For Paws, our commercial vinyl flooring has a slip rating of 96, the highest score for commercial vinyl currently on the market.

The benefits of commercial vinyl flooring

Commercial vinyl flooring is durable – our Pawsafe Commercial range is an heterogenous flooring which means it consists of several layers of material including an insulated backing layer, a cushion comfort layer and an anti-slip wear layer that are heat-fused together for maximum strength and durability. It is finished with a generous layer of PUR coating where a layer of polyurethane is applied and cured beneath UV lights to give long lasting protection.

Commercial vinyl flooring is watertight – our commercial vinyl is supplied as sheet vinyl on a roll. This results is fewer joins or seams being needed during installation, which results in a completely impenetrable, watertight surface.

No underlay required – the Pawsafe Commercial range is designed to be installed without the need for an underlay. It can be glued directly to your subfloor, but preparing your subfloor for vinyl flooring must be carried out carefully and thoroughly. Once your subfloor has been prepared, we would always recommend using an approved installer. Where one of our installation partners are used, we are able to offer a 10-year commercial guarantee.

Slip resistant – our vinyl flooring offers the highest slip resistance of any currently available in the market, making it the safest flooring solution for your staff and visitors.

Low maintenance – vinyl sheet flooring requires very little attention to maintain its appearance and it is easy to keep clean in a commercial setting. How to clean sheet vinyl floors shows you how to maintain your flooring.

Commercial non slip flooring from Floor For Paws

At Floors for Paws, we specialise in the best flooring for dogs. Our Pawsafe Commercial range, developed in conjunction with vets and Canine Arthritis Management, is not only the perfect flooring solution for any premises but is particularly suitable for anywhere that welcomes our four-legged friends. Whether you are looking for the best flooring for dog daycare or veterinary flooring, we can help. Available in a choice of attractive wood-effect finishes suitable for reception or waiting areas, or stone-effect finishes ideal for consultation rooms, the range is popular with every type of business. But don’t take us at our word! Why not order up to three free samples (or more for a small fee) today to see for yourself? Then simply email us at info@floorsforpaws.com or call our friendly team on 01522 300218.