How to clean sheet vinyl floors

dog owners guide to cleaning sheet vinyl

A guide to cleaning vinyl sheet flooring and what to avoid using on them to maintain their appearance.

Vinyl flooring today can be found in a variety of domestic and commercial settings, from private households to clinical settings and even hospitality. Is the care and maintenance needed the same for every setting? Here we look in particular at pet-friendly vinyl sheet flooring when used in a commercial environment.

What is vinyl sheet flooring?

As the name implies, vinyl sheet flooring is supplied on the roll, just like traditional carpet and is supplied in your preferred length.

Vinyl sheet flooring for commercial premises

There are many features of sheet vinyl flooring that makes it the ideal flooring solution for commercial premises. In particular, sheet flooring can cover an area with no seams, or very few, depending on the width of the roll. This in turn means the flooring cannot be penetrated by water or moisture, rendering it completely water resistant.

Maintaining vinyl sheet flooring

As with LVT flooring, vinyl sheet flooring is extremely low maintenance and requires nothing more than regular vacuuming or sweeping. It goes without saying that spillages should be dealt with as soon as they occur and in general, flooring in commercial settings needs the same maintenance as that in a family home.

Deep cleaning vinyl sheet flooring

The difference between LVT and sheet flooring is more marked when it is time to deep cleaning. Settings such as veterinary practices, dog daycare centres, and canine cafes can experience high volumes of canine traffic and as such are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria and will require much more frequent, thorough cleaning. As seamless flooring is easy to mop and is impenetrable to liquid and moisture when professionally installed, it is durable enough to withstand regular deep cleaning where necessary.  Simply mop with a recommended cleaning solution or, if you and your clients prefer a more natural option, tackle stubborn marks and stains with a paste of baking soda and water before mopping with a solution of one cup of white vinegar in one gallon of warm water.

Can you use a steam mop on vinyl sheet flooring?

The quick answer to this is no! Many people think that the seamless nature of vinyl sheet flooring  makes it suitable for steam cleaning. However it is not the risk of moisture and steam penetrating the joins that is a risk to the flooring. The high temperatures that steam cleaners and mops get to, can cause adhesive to melt and can compromise the surface of the flooring, allowing the steam to penetrate the vinyl and damage the interior layers.

Other things to avoid on sheet vinyl floors

Do not use abrasive scourers that will damage the surface of the vinyl.

Extremely hot water should not be used – warm water only is suitable for mopping vinyl floors.

Wax products – these leave a residue on the surface of the flooring which can be difficult to remove without causing damage.

Avoid leaving newly cleaned floors wet – simply dry with a clean microfibre mop.

Vinyl sheet flooring from Floors for Paws

We supply sheet vinyl flooring as part of the Pawsafe Commercial range. Ideal for premises that experience a lot of four-legged visitors, the flooring has been endorsed by CAM (Canine Arthritis Management) as it offers excellent slip resistance and maximum grip for dogs that may be unsteady when standing or walking, due to age or conditions such as canine arthritis. The range features a thicker than average wear layer for extra comfort too. For our two-legged customers, the Pawsafe Commercial range is offered in a selection of wood- and stone-effect designs to add a domestic aesthetic to business premises.

To see for yourself, why not order up to three free samples? Or give our sales team a call on 01522 300218 to find out more.

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