Rigsby pet friendly holiday cottages – The Stables

Rigsby holiday cottages are ideally located for escapism in the picturesque parish of Rigsby, which is in the Lincolnshire Wolds – a designated area of outstanding natural beauty (ANOB). Rigsby is just 2 miles from Alford – renowned for its arts & crafts and striking five-sailed windmill. The holiday cottages are perfect for walkers and cyclists, with multiple public footpaths and cycle routes on the doorstep.

Within easy reach of the award winning, golden-sanded coastal resorts of Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea. Louth, the capital of the Lincolnshire Wolds, is 10 miles away and the historic city of Lincoln is under an hour away.

Already With Two beautifully renovated holiday cottages the family wanted to offer another pet friendly option for their guests by renovating The Stables. So who better to turn to than Floors For Paws – The World’s best flooring for dogs and dog owners!

As farming has changed, Rigsby Farming Company, has ended up with a number of redundant buildings. We opened our first holiday cottage in 2008 and adding a second holiday cottage in 2014. The first holiday has always been the more popular one and we think this is because it is pet friendly and Rigsby in the Lincolnshire Wolds is surrounded by lots of great walks from the cottage door steps. So when we decided to convert an unused barn to make our third holiday cottage, we knew we wanted it to be very pet friendly. Great looks, longevity, paw friendly and easy clean helped us quickly settle on Floors For Paws. We selected Greenwood and it really hits the mark to give the holiday cottage a barn conversion look that also matches the contemporary interior finish we wanted to attract guests and of course their pets. Paul Read – Owner @ Rigsby Holiday cottages.

The Greenwood design worked beautifully with the original natural wood in the building.

Floors For Paws is 100% waterproof and due to its double wear layer protection it really is the best flooring for dogs and dog owners.

Floors For Paws worked closely with The Rigsby Farming company to provide the perfect fit for their vision, all the way through the process from discussing colour, to organising installation and aftercare. Call us today on 01937 830948 to help with your project.

For more information about staying at this beautiful holiday cottage please visit; http://rigsbywoldholidaycottages.uk or call 01507 463404

Best Flooring for Dogs UK

Simple: Floors For paws. Officially the Worlds best flooring for dogs & dog owners.

Over the last 20 years Dog owners have discovered the limitations of many different flooring types for dogs; carpet, laminate, wood and tile. Each of which has limitations; either impossible to maintain, slippery, or non-resistant to scratches.

With the introduction of Luxury Vinyl dog owners and indeed dogs exclaimed a cry of ‘halleluiah’ Here was something that offered us a solution. Waterproof, stain resistant and hard wearing.

Imagine taking that solution and making it even better! With the introduction of a double wear layer and a slip rating of 85 PTV Floors For Paws can now offer dogs and dog owners a flooring that is Scratch resistant, water proof, stain resistant, anti-slip and with the advancements in printing technology a flooring that has the look, warmth and feel of natural products.

Floors For Paws: The best flooring for dogs. Tested by dogs for dogs. Run by Dog lovers for Dog lovers.

Wherever your dog goes; go Floors for Paws.


Dog Slipping on Floor

Most of us have smooth floor surfaces in our homes, but did you know they pose a safety risk for your dog? Laminate, tile and hardwood floors look great but your dog’s paws aren’t designed to walk on such smooth surfaces. And that can lead to slipping and falling – and potentially serious injury. Luckily, there are many ways to prevent these accidents from happening.

Dog paws like grip

Your dog’s paws will try to garner traction on any floor surface. When walking or running on a smooth floor there will be nothing available to gain that grip. Dogs slipping and falling on smooth floors can lead to injuries varying from bruising to painful cruciate ligament damage.
Floors For paws unique ridged surface gives dog paws a higher level of grip than smooth floor finishes allowing greater traction. As good as this is there are still further measures to consider to ensure you maximise your dogs enjoyment of the flooring.

Cracked and dry paw pads can really increase the chances of slips so it is important to take good care of your dogs pads. Concrete, sand and salt, as well as cold conditions will dry out your dogs pads giving them less moisture and thus less traction.

There are many good waxes and balms available online at very reasonable prices. We personally use Musher Wax to keep our dogs pads in good condition.


1. Keep your dog’s nails short.
2. If your dog has hairy foot pads, keep them trimmed.
3. Pay extra attention to where your dog likes to nap or rest. Getting up from a smooth floor can be quite challenging, especially for larger or older dogs, so placing a rug there will make things easier and more comfortable for him.
4. Consider stairs as well. If your dog slips and falls down the stairs, any injuries he sustains can be especially serious. Invest in a good runner and install it securely on your steps.
5. Keeping your dog physically fit is important, too. If your dog maintains an ideal body weight, there will be less pressure on his joints, and that makes walking easier.

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Preparing you floor for Floors for Paws

To ensure you have a lifetime of hassle free flooring it is essential to have your sub-floor prepared in the correct manner. If you have a perfectly smooth and dry sub-floor you can simply adhere Floors For Paws directly onto it. Unfortunately this is rarely the case, so we would like to look at the best solutions.

Latex sub-floor
This option is a quick and trusted process to ensure your FFP is fitted onto a suitable base. It is used on existing concrete floors that need to be smooth and levelled. Quick drying options such as the Stopgap 300 is ready to walk on in 2 hours and to work on in 4. This solution is also ideal for going over existing tile floors (who wants to take out all the tiles and build up again!) The photo below shows a kitchen diner before and after being latexed. As you can see the grout lines show through while it is drying but as long as 3-4mm is applied onto the tiles the surface will dry completely smooth.

1. Tiled floor

2. Two hours post latex

3. Floors for Paws Greenwood flooring

SP101 Ply board – Flooring Grade
Ply board should be used over existing wood flooring, or when you need to bring up the level of the floor by over 4mm. In the case below the carpet that was removed was 10mm and therefore too deep to apply a latex without the need for Grano chippings. This depth of latex would take two months to dry! The 9mm ply board is cut into place and secured with mechanical fixings at regular intervals to ensure no movement. The ply board is then ready for FFP to be adhered directly onto it. We recommend a minimum of a 6mm ply board base.

4. Build up with 9mm ply

5. Floors for Paws Wychwood flooring

If you are not a DIY nut; don’t worry because our recommended installers can carry out the preparation and installation for you.

Here our superb installation engineer John carries out fitting of 130 sqm of Greenwood to Rigsby Wold Holiday cottages new accommodation. For more details on this Dog friendly holiday please visit Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages.

Call us today to discuss any aspect of your project on 01937 830948.

The Best Flooring for Puppies

The Best flooring for a new puppy

We all know the excitement of bringing home your new puppy; those doleful eyes that make you want wrap your puppy in cotton wool and never let it leave your sight -The proof that love at first sight is real and the kids say ‘you’re the best parents in the world!’

Success; everyone is in love and happy. Now for the practical……

Short of taking your puppy into the garden at 15 minute intervals your puppy is going to pee (and worse) on your carpet at some point. (Crate training can be a good way to avoid this, but personally I find making a puppy sleep near their own mess is a little mean)

So as you clean your carpet for the seventh time in two days you start to think; ‘I need a new floor – ceramic will be good. Its wipe clean – problem solved.’ Unfortunately your little puppy will be like Bambi on ice on smooth flooring, and your vets bills will far out weigh the cost the new floor.

Laminate? Prone to scratching, and moisture underneath the top covering

Stone? Urine can soak into the stone

Wood? Scratches and stains

So What is the best flooring for puppies???

Floors For Paws is stain proof, waterproof, Anti-slip and Anti-scratch. Wherever your dog goes: go Floors For Paws. The world’s best flooring for dogs & dog owners.

The Benefits of Anti-slip Flooring for your Dog

I have spent my whole life working with animals, as my uncle was a farmer and I grew up with no other destiny as my love for animals was so strong. Its funny, I never realised how much thought needs to be put into flooring until I became a veterinary nurse. This issue has only become more highlighted as I became an animal physiotherapist.

Flooring was always been second nature for me. Even on farms, we paid a lot of attention to the floor and bedding to ensure it was good for the animals foot care. It had to be shock absorbing, non-slip and not allow the animals to get wet hooves, paws or claws. It doesn’t matter what animal it is, we need to think about the same basic principles.

When I became a nurse I did some home visits and became more aware that many people lived differently and had different types of home and décor. When I became an animal physiotherapist I became more aware than ever before, that there were other type of flooring out there were less than ideal. Some of the questions I have to raise with owners is, what type of flooring do you have? A common answer was laminate or tiles. As time has moved forward more and more people are opting for hard floors for the understandable convenience and cleanliness. Lots of the flooring has become more varied aesthetically, but many hard options remain shiny and hard and cold.

We are all very house proud these days and with it becoming more expensive to move house and buy homes, people are choosing to invest in making their own home perfect. This is wonderful! I would like to ask that in choosing perfection, please remember to think about the comfort of our animals in those homes too. It’s actually not even just for the animals. As we age, we will also see great benefit in choosing a floor that suits these needs too.

An ideal floor will have good grip. If we lose our balance we need to be able to rely on our feet and not slip more. Rather like tyres on the road. A little forgiving slide is OK as it allows you to slow to a stop without damage, but skidding is a real worry, especially for the older pet or human. Laminate and high gloss floor tiles don’t allow enough grip and so can make our pets feel unsafe. Some dogs even get to the point where they refuse to walk on these types of floor, and I have seen this countless times. In many cases the dog may alter their gait and walk looking very strange as they over use too many muscles to try to be extra careful on the floor High gloss and laminate also make it virtually impossible for some animals to get up from laying on as they can’t get the traction needed.

An ideal floor is an easy to clean one! I understand this completely, so it can be easier to have a hard floor rather than carpet. Vinyl makes a great compromise as it is easy to clean and has excellent grip. After all, we can’t carpet every room, its just not hygienic or practical.

An ideal floor is not too hard or cold. That might sound ironic when talking about hard floors, but if you fall on a tile or stone floor it is less forgiving than a fall on a less solid surface. The temperature is also something to consider. The circulation in paws and feet is poor compared to the rest of the body, so they get cold so walking on a cold surface is not kind, especially for arthritic toes. Many of our pets will also choose to lay in the room we are in and if they are laying on a very cold stone or tile surface then their muscles can become very stiff. They can also get sores on their bony prominences, like their elbows, from where the circulation is so poor as they have laid with the pressure on the skin for too long on a hard surface.

I too, like many others, am going through a home renovation. I was over the moon when I found Floors for Paws on my hunt for suitable flooring. I am a big fan of vinyl for the grip, temperature, and ease of cleaning. A big feature of Floors For Paws is the extra scratch resistant layer, and I definitely think this is a big bonus to stop claw marks. I have an old arthritic dog and a young 3 legged dog. Both love to follow me into my kitchen and my bathroom! Both will benefit, and most importantly, over my life I will have many dogs and they will all benefit regardless of age. I also know my whole family and myself, will also benefit. Thank you Floors for Paws!

Donna Wills PGC A Phys, RVN, MIAAT.

Member of RAMP

Member of the British Veterinary Nursing Association

M. 07776 182 911
W. www.animalphysiotherapy.org.uk

Why is your Floor so important to Dogs?

If your head was a foot away from the floor at all times you’d be pretty interested in it too!

As you know Dogs rely on scents to navigate, to rest and to play. As we understand the needs of our greatest companions more and more we realise that we can help them by providing them with a clean, safe environment.

Flooring is a huge part of that environment; While they love to find unsavoury elements hidden deep in our carpets we know that this is not healthy for them. Allergens that can become stored in soft furnishings such as rugs, carpets and curtains can cause them symptoms that include regular ear infections, sneezing, itching and skin inflammation.

Another element to consider is slippery floors such as polished ceramic, laminate and smooth tiles. This type of flooring has kept Animal physios busy for the last 15 years. Strains, concussion, sprains and ligament damage are common injuries for dogs slipping on floors.

Then there is the little accidents; Although our beloved woofers amaze us with what they will actually put into their mouth when out on walks, just like us they do not like the scent of ones and twos in their home. Carpeting and rugs can retain the nastiness in their fibres and linger to the chagrin of humans and dogs.

‘Hey; that’s a lot about our Dogs; What about us?’

Well said; What do we want? Personally I want a safe flooring for my dogs, but your damn sure I want it to be easy to maintain and I don’t want my dog to ruin it! Mrs FFP and
I have had wooden flooring in the past which we love the look of, however it became stained, scratched and scuffed very quickly thanks to our Dogs. As you know; not cheap to replace!
So hopefully something to bear in mind for dog owners when choosing your next floor covering.


Floors For Paws Luxury planks are Hypo-allergenic, wipe clean, non-absorbent and Anti-slip, and Anti-scuff, and with its realistic wood effect finish it really is the World’s Best flooring For Dogs’

Is Vinyl Flooring Pet Friendly?

Most luxury vinyl is water resistant and some varieties are even waterproof. It is easy to maintain, and easy to clean. Plus, it is soft underfoot. … So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly flooring that you and your pets will enjoy, luxury vinyl is an excellent choice.

Vinyl flooring is a popular flooring option for families with pets. Luxury vinyl tile and vinyl sheet are highly durable, long-lasting, and resistant to moisture, scratches and dents. They are also easy to maintain.

This makes it the ideal flooring solution for spaces such as living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, vinyl plank flooring is very durable with commercial grade wear layers and fiberglass reinforcement. Vinyl can be installed on nearly any subfloor, with the thicker floors being forgiving to imperfect subfloors.

Top of the list for dogs and cats must surely be vinyl flooring. … New luxury vinyl sheet, tile or plank flooring is an even better option thanks to its added thickness. Installed properly vinyl will wear well, with no scratches or tears, and with its water resistant qualities is a cinch to clean.

Floors for paws has all the attributes of normal luxury vinyl plus the added advantage of an unique micro-ridged design that ensures safe footing for 2 and 4 legs. Designed with the whole family in mind it is the perfect option for your home.

Belle’s Story the Next Chapter

Belle had her operation on Friday 23rd June, the operation itself took longer than they initially thought and she ended up in theatre for over three hours. The operation was very successful and she was stable throughout.

I collected Belle on the Tuesday after her operation, the vets were very concerned about the type of floors we had in the house. Belle slipping could potentially cause her wound to open so it was imperative that that our flooring was anti slip, once I explained our living room and kitchen was decked out in flooring designed specifically for ‘paws’ they told me to contain her to these areas only. Belle has been a little unstable on her three legs but generally doing very well, the only time she has fallen was when she escaped into the play room which has a completely smooth solid wooden floor.

The first couple of weeks it was imperative that Belle was kept quiet and calm; this was a feat in itself considering I have a three year old and a puppy who love playing together! Belle was very confident walking on our anti slip flooring which helped her adjust to her new situation; it took her a little longer to get back to running across fields and up and down dykes. When we go walking it is across country and I can guarantee I come back with a muddy dog and filthy child; both are oblivious to the state to their dirty wellies and muddy paws and think nothing of walking straight into the house. Luckily my ‘floor for paws’ takes everything we can throw at it and comes up sparkling after a good clean. Belle also has a habit of taking all her food out of her bowl dropping each bit on the floor before she eats it; but I don’t stress about that, I don’t worry about the paint splodges, spilt drinks, kicked over bowls of water or the occasional wee. One of the reassuring things floors for paws offers is a 30 year domestic guarantee on all their products so I have one less thing to worry about for the time being!

Flooring Safety for your Dog

Flooring Safety for your dog and home

It might sound crazy but it’s not uncommon for dogs to require major surgery following an injury caused by simply slipping on smooth flooring at home. The most common injuries are bruises, pulled muscles and torn ligaments however serious bone and hip injuries can also occur. If your dog is young and excitable they are more likely to receive injuries many of which can affect them throughout their lives and cause problems such as arthritis in later years.

Fortunately there are several things we can do to ensure our homes are as safe as possible for our four legged family members:

1. Keep your dogs nails short – overgrown nails and toe fur can contribute to a dogs difficulty maintaining good contact with smooth surfaces and increase the likelihood of slipping

2. Keep your dog in shape – if your dog is a healthy weight there will be less pressure on his joints and walking will be easier. Feeding your dog a healthy diet of wholesome
nutritious food and taking them for regular exercise is essential for your dogs well being

3. Dry paw pads are often a cause for dogs having traction and slipping issues, unprotected contact with hot pavements, snow and sand can lead to the development of dry paw pads. When
the skin is overly dry it lacks the capability to grip and causes paws to slide across smooth surfaces. There are many pad moisturisers specifically designed for dried out paws now
on the market.

4. There are a number of products on the market which can make it easier for your pet to walk on slippery surfaces. Non-slip dog socks are an idea solution; they provide traction to
prevent slipping and ideal for older dogs who suffer from arthritis or hip dysplasia. If your dog will not keep socks on then there are self adhesive traction pads which can be
stuck directly onto your dogs paws.

5. Adding carpet runners or rugs to areas where your dogs spend a lot of time could be another solution; however please make sure rugs and runners are secured properly to avoid an
entirely new form of slipping!

Which Flooring do I choose ?

Flooring not only takes the brunt of our everyday activities they are also the starting place of our interior scheme; flooring can dictate the entire decor of a room. There is a lot of pressure to find the right flooring for your house this coupled with the vast amount of choice on the market can make it a minefield. Below we have listed some pros and cons of different flooring types.

Hardwood Flooring: Easy to maintain, long lasting, adds value to property — Noisy, expensive, prone to water damage, needs refinishing periodically, slippery

Carpet Flooring: Warm, non-slip, absorbs noise, soft, lots of design options — High level of maintenance (especially with pets), susceptible to allergens (dust mites, pet dander), prone to wear and tear

Bamboo Flooring: Durable, more affordable than hardwood, very sustainable product — Scratches easily, prone to water damage

Cork Flooring: Soft and warm underfoot, absorbs sound, very sustainable product — Discolours when exposed to sunlight, absorbs water, can be indented by heavy furniture

Laminate Flooring: Easy to install, affordable, easy to maintain, snap together — Slippery, short life, susceptible to water

Stone: East to maintain, long lasting, extremely durable, doesn’t date — Cold and Hard, unforgiving, slippery (especially when wet)

Vinyl: Affordable, good choice of designs, easy to install and clean — Colour fades in sunlight, made from non renewable materials, water spills can cause mildew

Floors for Paws – Pros

  • 25 year domestic warranty
  • 15 year commercial warranty
  • Exclusive scratch resistant double wear layer
  • Factory finished (no polish needed after installation)
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Free of harmful phthalate plasticizers: DOP, BBP, DBP, DnOP, DINP, DIDP
  • Deep grain anti-slip texture
  • Affordable
  • Child and Dog Friendly
  • 10% of every sale donated to the Dogs Trust


  • You may not stop at one room!