Pet Friendly

The world's best flooring for dogs
Floors for Paws unique range of plank flooring has an exclusive double wear layer making it the most scratch resistant flooring on the market. Your beloved woofer can perform pirouettes on it and you won't have to worry. Combined with stain resistance and anti-slip properties you can rest assured you have chosen the best flooring in the world for you and your pet.

Made to last

25 year residential guarantee
We strongly believe a floor is for life and not just for Christmas! Floors for paws guarantee our range for 25 years in domestic applications. For commercial applications we offer a full 15 year guarantee. Floors For Paws is ideal for applications such as Veterinary practices, Nurseries, hospitals, gym and leisure centres, offices, or indeed anywhere that requires strong, attractive, resilient and easy to maintain flooring.

Dog's Trust Support

How your purchase helps dogs trust
Having been a supporter of the charity for many years we decided to help fund their valuable work by donating 10% of all profits from Floors For Paws. At the end of every month we transfer the donation with a smile on our face and the knowledge that if we have helped improve the life of even one dog it is worth every penny!


Greener than you think
The ultra modern and efficient manufacturing of Floors For Paws makes our range a sustainable choice. it is free of nasty chemicals and has an ultra Low VOC count. Together with the 25 year life cycle you can be sure you are making a responsible decision.


As dog lovers we know the challenges of maintaining beautiful interiors with Pets. That's why we have introduced the best flooring for dogs and dog owners. Our range has been developed to solve this challenge; easy to clean, slip resistant, comfortable, quiet and resilient. Combine this with the most realistic wood effect finishes on the market and you have a flooring system without compromise. Our exclusive double PU coating resists scratch marks, stains, water, and give you and your pets a safe and clean living environment. Floors for paws has all the attributes of the Luxury Vinyl plank along with a double wear layer to negate scratching from dog claws, dropped items (those heavy dog bones!) and day to day wear and tear of busy households. It enables us to offer an extremely long domestic guarantee. Due to the ridged design it is also better than other LVT’s in terms of slip ratings (85 PTV BS7976). The 0.6mm wear layer is also stain resistant, so any dog urine, wine spills, and worse will not damage the flooring. It can be wiped clean without leaving a mark. As dog lovers we also wanted dogs to benefit from our company. We donate 10% of every sale to Dogs Trust.

Prices from £26.00 sqm (Inc.VAT) quantity dependant
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The Science

Exclusive Double PU Coating

Twice the industry standard Floors For Paws has an exclusive double wear layer that will protect your beautiful floor from gauging, scuffs, scratches and statins while also providing a slip rating of 85 PTV to ensure safe footing at all times. Due to this unique addition we are able to offer a 25 year guarantee in your home and 15 year guarantee for commercial applications.

Print Layer

We believe our flooring is the most realistic wood effect on the market. Our print layer imitates natural wood down to the tiniest detail; grain, colouring and tone. Anyone who sees your new flooring will need to be on their hands and knees with an magnifying glass before they realise this is not Natural wood.

Base Layer

The 1.4mm thick base layer provides the plank with the comfort, strength and resilience to ensure your flooring will feel like wood underfoot. It provides cushioning and comfort for you and your pet. Don't be surprised if Rover doesn't use his dog bed as much as he used to!

Backing Layer

The backing layer provides a tactile surface to ensure a strong hold with the adhesive, making your floor water tight in case of spills, or indeed any little accidents your four legged (or two legged) friends may have.

Why is our flooring any different to others on the market?

Apart from being the most realistic wood effect finish on the market we have tested the slip-rating of our flooring under British Standard BS 7976 using the nationally recognised Pendulum Test. The results were quite astonishing. In dry conditions Floors For Paws tested 85 PTV slip rating (to put this in context: Low risk is anything over 36 PTV) An 85 PTV is equivalent to a probability of one slip in two million, and is usually only achieved by ugly looking Safety flooring, and let's be honest you don't want that in your beautiful home/office.

This means your dogs will also benefit from the enhanced slip resistance ensuring they do not suffer the same slips as on smooth, slippery flooring surfaces. Unfortunately we are not miracle workers; the only way to get a non-slip surface is to put rubber mats throughout the house which is not conducive to a beautiful home – but what we do guarantee is a safe, clean, anti-slip, Anti-scratch, stain resistant environment for you and your dogs.

NB: When flooring is completely wet the chance of a slip is more like one in ten thousand so it is important to wipe up any spillages as soon as possible, to ensure safe footing at all times.

Please see attached below the Certification of test results.



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Commercial Guarantee

Floors For Paws is a commercial grade flooring system with an exclusive double PU coating allowing us to Guarantee it in the heaviest commercial applications

Installation information

So you’ve had your samples and decided which beautiful design you want to adorn the floor of your castle. What now?

1. Call your friendly Floors For Paws team on 01937 830 948 to discuss your project.

2. Choose your installer; The beauty of Floors for Paws is it can be installed by all good flooring installers. If you do not know of a flooring fitter in your area let us know and we will be able to find one for you. We have FFP approved contractors throughout the UK who can offer you a full service including a no obligation quote.

3. We are able to sell Floors For Paws products directly to you or your chosen installer – you’re the boss! – often it is advisable to let your installer order as we can deliver it directly to them and they will bring it with them on the day of installation. We recommend you use an approved installer to ensure your Floors For Paws is installed to the correct standard.

4. Ordering you Floors For Paws: once you have your total sqm area, you'll need to work out how many boxes you need. Each box is 3.89sqm. We sell the recommended adhesive F48 plus fibre-reinforced, solvent free adhesive which can be delivered with your Floors for Paws flooring. It is available in 5 Litres (covers 20 sqm) and 15 Litre tubs (covers 60 sqm) at £42.00 and £76.00 respectively.

5. Underfloor heating compatible? Yes. Easy to Clean? Yes. Will my friends and neighbours be desperate to know where your new flooring came from? Undoubtedly!

6. Our lead time is 7-9 days from cleared payment.

For more installation information CLICK HERE.

Belle's Story

Belle was initially diagnosed with a luxating patella (floating kneecap) at a very early age due to complications during birth. Unfortunately an operation was not possible until she had fully developed. Belle does really well with her three functioning legs however she is a little off balance and when at full speed (especially on smooth surfaces) often falls or skids. One major issue she had when initially adopted was the kitchen, dining room and hall of her adopted home had ceramic flooring. For Belle it was akin to an ice skating rink; especially when they were wet. Floors for Paws flooring was installed in these areas 12 months ago and since then she has not slipped.

UPDATE: Bell has had her leg successfully amputated and is doing all the things now she couldn't do before; running, jumping and living life to the full!
Our Pet friendly flooring is:
  • More comfortable underfoot than stone/ceramic/wood flooring
  • Anti-slip due to its innovative ridged design
  • Anti-scratch due to its exclusive double PU coating
  • Water resistant when installed with the correct adhesive
  • Stain resistant
  • Easily maintained without the need for chemicals
Floors For Paws Pet friendly flooring is the perfect solution for every environment that requires a stylish yet extremely durable floor covering. Available in 18 luxurious colour options you do not need to compromise design for efficiency.

Dogs Trust Support

As you can probably tell; WE ARE DOG LOVERS and as such we have decided to donate 10% profit from Floors For Paws to Dogs Trust. You can be assured that by buying Floors For Paws you are contributing to the sponsorship of dogs that have had the toughest of lives. Your contribution will help them continue to care for and re-home dogs of all breeds and ages in order to achieve a life they deserve. The International Grant funding scheme they have set up helps dogs from all over the world, and particularly in countries that do not have the means to offer dog protection projects the support they need. Your contribution will make a difference. Thank you!