A guide to sheet vinyl flooring

PawSafe commercial flooring at canine hydro

Vinyl flooring can be supplied as tiles, planks, or sheeting. In this article, we focus on sheet vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring is one of many flooring solutions available for the domestic and commercial sectors, along with carpet, real wood and laminate. It is supplied in one of three formats; as vinyl flooring planks, vinyl floor tiles or as vinyl sheet flooring.

At Floor for Paws, our Luxury Vinyl and our Pawsafe Domestic ranges are available as vinyl planks and/or vinyl tiles, enabling you to be creative with patterns. Our Pawsafe Commercial range, however, is commercial sheet vinyl flooring.

What is sheet vinyl flooring?

Sheet vinyl flooring is supplied in rolls, similar to carpet, and is cut to your chosen length, based on the area of the floor to be covered. Sheet vinyl flooring allows an area to be covered with no, or very few, joins.

Features of sheet vinyl flooring

Fewer, if any, joins – depending on the roll width, sheet vinyl flooring allows an area to be recovered with no, or very few, seams

Wide choice of patterns – sheet vinyl flooring is offered in a wide selection of designs, to emulate natural materials like stone, wood and ceramic. Patterned vinyl sheet flooring features intricate patterns like those created with parquet wood flooring, allowing you to have the aesthetic of a high end floor without any of the fuss!

Absorbs noise – vinyl flooring will absorb the noise from foot traffic, making it the perfect solution for busy commercial premises and especially veterinary practices where lots of four-legged visitors are welcomed. The Pawsafe commercial range is cushioned for increased noise absorption and to be kinder on dogs’ joints.

Waterproof – with sheet vinyl flooring involving very few, if any, joins, the floor will be completely water resistant, with nowhere for moisture to penetrate.

Low maintenance – no specialist products are required to keep sheet vinyl in tip top condition; regular sweeping or vacuuming and mopping is enough.

Sheet vinyl flooring from Floors For Paws

Our Pawsafe Commercial range of flooring, approved by Canine Arthritis Management (CAM), is supplied as sheet vinyl. Offering excellent slip resistance and maximum grip, the Pawsafe Commercial range is particularly recommended for veterinary surgeries where four-legged visitors are often elderly and arthritic, or young and bouncy.

Available in a range of wood- and stone-effect designs, our sheet vinyl flooring enables commercial premises to have the warm and welcoming look of a private home with the durability and strength necessary for high volumes of traffic.

The Pawsafe range supports safe movement and provides comfort to ageing pets thanks to its thicker than average wear layer, and is being used in veterinary practices across the country.

Once you have requested your three free samples, ordering can be done quickly and easily. Simply call us on 01937 830948 or email us at info@floorsforpaws.com for a no-obligation quote. With a network of approved contractors across the UK, we can arrange for a full installation service or you can arrange your own installation. Once you have placed an order, delivery is between one and six weeks, depending on your installation preferences.

We look forward to hearing about your next project soon!

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