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Canine arthritis

Find out all about Canine Arthritis Management, their ethos and our association with them.

At Floors For Paws, we prioritise the needs of your dogs while making sure that our flooring ticks all the boxes for you too. All our team members are devoted dog owners who understand the challenges of having beautiful flooring with dogs in the home.

To this end, we have worked hard to develop a range of flooring solutions that are hypo-allergenic, easy clean, slip resistant, anti-stain, and waterproof. They also feature a unique comfort backing to provide better cushioning for your pet’s older or arthritic joints.

We are justifiably proud of the endorsement for our products that we have received from Canine Arthritis Management but, who or what is Canine Arthritis Management?

What is Canine Arthritis Management?

Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) provides online resources for both caregivers of dogs and veterinarian professionals. Their aim is to raise awareness of, and educate people about, arthritis in dogs. The driving force behind the organisation is Dr Hannah Capon, a veterinary surgeon with over 20 years’ clinical experience. Having euthanised arthritic dogs who were otherwise completely healthy (canine arthritis is the main reason for euthanising dogs in the UK), Hannah took it upon herself to educate people in early diagnosis of the condition and multi-modal management of it. As a result of her tireless work and commitment, Hannah has won the CEVA Vet of the Year Award (2019) and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Impact Award (2020).

How to access CAM resources

Canine Arthritis Management has a huge social media presence with profiles on all major platforms. Across their combined Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts, the organisation has tens of thousands of followers around the world. More information about the work that CAM does and details of how to get in touch with them and access their resources, can be found here.

Floors For Paws and Canine Arthritis Management

At Floors For Paws, we believe that quality and style does not need to be compromised in favour of a dog-friendly flooring, and our ranges have been developed in line with the ethos of CAM, to provide customers with both. Our Pawsafe Domestic range is a luxury vinyl flooring that is fully endorsed by CAM and which offers an extensive choice of designs to suit every home, and every dog owner! With a comfort layer that is gentle for canine joints, the range is non-slip with a textured surface to support safe movement. For commercial premises that experience a high level of four-legged traffic such as veterinarian practices, doggy day care centres and pet cafes, the Pawsafe Commercial range (CAM endorsed) is perfect. Supplied as sheet vinyl off the roll, the range is available in a choice of wood- or stone-effect designs and is durable enough to cope with high traffic volumes, thanks to its thicker than average wear layer.

If you care passionately about the welfare and wellbeing of your pets but still want an attractive and appealing flooring solution in your home or commercial premises, give our expert sales team a call on 01522 300218 or send us an email at

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