Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Expensive?

Yes…..and no.

It is certainly more expensive to buy than laminate, carpet, roll vinyl and some ceramic tile. The initial outlay for the customer is relatively high but the life cost of the product is very low.

It is guaranteed for 15 years and upward.

It will stay looking great for the total lifespan of the guarantee.

The maintenance cost of the flooring is next to nothing. No expensive chemical cleaners are needed and you will not have to spend money on restorative processes.

The installation price is cheaper than wood, ceramic or stone flooring.

It will save you money on heating bills. It is second only in warmth to carpet.

It is resistant to water damage.

Luxury Vinyl will not chip, warp or yellow.

Floors For Paws Luxury vinyl has a 0.6mm wear layer, a 30 year domestic guarantee and a slip rating of 85 PTV (BS:7679) It has undergone a new process called photogravure which is used to create remarkably realistic 3-D photo replication of natural wood.

Wherever you dog goes; go Floors for Paws

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