What is herringbone flooring?

what is herrinbone flooring

Our complete guide to herringbone vinyl flooring – what it is and how to lay it.

What is herringbone flooring?

Herringbone is the name of a pattern originally created from traditional solid wood parquet block flooring. The term herringbone flooring is often used when referring to parquet flooring as it is the most popular pattern. Dating back to the 17th century, parquet flooring was expensive and therefore only found in the wealthiest and most extravagant of homes.

The herringbone pattern

Herringbone floors were traditionally created from plank shaped wooden blocks but, now, they can be created with block shaped vinyl tiles. Each plank is arranged at a 45 degree angle to the next to create a V-shape which gives the pattern a strong, geometric design.

Benefits of herringbone luxury vinyl flooring

  • Offering the same classic aesthetic of real wood parquet flooring, herringbone luxury vinyl flooring is a more economical option.
  • LVT herringbone planks are offered in a wide choice of colours and patterns.
  • LVT herringbone flooring is hardwearing and, unlike real wood, is scratch resistant.
  • Requiring nothing more than regular sweeping and mopping, herringbone vinyl flooring is extremely low maintenance.
  • It is also waterproof and slip resistant.

How to lay herringbone flooring

At Floors for Paws, our herringbone flooring is installed by attaching the planks to the subfloor with adhesive, to create a more secure hold. The bond formed between the vinyl planks and the subfloor means there is much less chance of movement in the flooring over time. The adhesive will also prevent warping, making it a great solution for areas prone to changes in moisture levels and/or temperature. As adhesive installation is more complex than click-and-lock systems, we advise using an approved installation specialist, which we are happy to recommend.

What rooms can herringbone flooring be used in?

Herringbone flooring is suitable for any room in the house, but its highly decorative appearance often lends itself to use in entrance hallways and reception rooms. In rooms that are free from clutter and not over-furnished, the flooring can be seen at its best. The herringbone pattern gives the illusion of space, making an area appear bigger, which makes it perfect for smaller rooms or narrow hallways. Where wooden parquet flooring is unsuitable for bathrooms and kitchens, the water resistance of LVT herringbone planks makes them ideal for these areas. A good tip to remember is that lighter coloured planks will make a darker space brighter and more open, while darker planks look effective against paler walls.

Herringbone luxury vinyl plank flooring from Floors for Paws

Our luxury vinyl range is currently available in 12 wood effect planks, perfect for creating herringbone patterns. Our Pawsafe Domestic range is offered in a choice of herringbone effect finishes or wooden plank finishes for the ultimate choice, and you can select up to three free samples from each range to help you find the best for your home. And, of course, all our flooring is safe and kind for pets, offering comfortable cushioning, with an anti-slip wear layer too.

If you have any questions about herringbone flooring, send us an email to info@floorsforpaws.com or give our friendly team a call on 01522 300218 today.

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