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CAM’s mission is to improve and extend lives for dogs suffering from arthritis, and we’ve developed a range of services to help us achieve this.

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Hannah Capon – Founder of Canine Arthritis Management

“For many years I have been promoting the benefits of safe flooring in the home for dogs. Many homes now have wood, laminate or tile flooring, particularly in areas such as kitchens, where dogs spend much of their time. Dogs have to work hard to prevent themselves from slipping on these surfaces. This becomes more difficult as their muscles become weaker with age and their joints are stiff and painful with arthritis. Slips stretch inflamed joints and tight muscles out of their normal range, and this causes small injuries to the muscles, ligaments and tendons. Injuries cause scars and scars cause stiffness and pain. Preventing this repetitive trauma and pain using simple measures is likely to make life easier both in the short and long term for the arthritic dog.

Floors For Paws sent me a roll of their new PawSafe anti-slip flooring for me and Luna to trial and I was delighted with the results. Luna ran across it happily without slips and I feel that this flooring can prevent unnecessary injury and indeed Vets bills for dog owners. 

The PawSafe flooring is the first ever CAM approved product and we will be recommending it to our community.” 

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