Belle’s Story the Next Chapter

Belle had her operation on Friday 23rd June, the operation itself took longer than they initially thought and she ended up in theatre for over three hours. The operation was very successful and she was stable throughout.

I collected Belle on the Tuesday after her operation, the vets were very concerned about the type of floors we had in the house. Belle slipping could potentially cause her wound to open so it was imperative that that our flooring was anti slip, once I explained our living room and kitchen was decked out in flooring designed specifically for ‘paws’ they told me to contain her to these areas only. Belle has been a little unstable on her three legs but generally doing very well, the only time she has fallen was when she escaped into the play room which has a completely smooth solid wooden floor.

The first couple of weeks it was imperative that Belle was kept quiet and calm; this was a feat in itself considering I have a three year old and a puppy who love playing together! Belle was very confident walking on our anti slip flooring which helped her adjust to her new situation; it took her a little longer to get back to running across fields and up and down dykes. When we go walking it is across country and I can guarantee I come back with a muddy dog and filthy child; both are oblivious to the state to their dirty wellies and muddy paws and think nothing of walking straight into the house. Luckily my ‘floor for paws’ takes everything we can throw at it and comes up sparkling after a good clean. Belle also has a habit of taking all her food out of her bowl dropping each bit on the floor before she eats it; but I don’t stress about that, I don’t worry about the paint splodges, spilt drinks, kicked over bowls of water or the occasional wee. One of the reassuring things floors for paws offers is a 30 year domestic guarantee on all their products so I have one less thing to worry about for the time being!

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