Flooring for older dogs

Senior bassett hound on Floors for paws

The needs of an older dog are different to that of a puppy – here we look at the best flooring for older dogs.

Difficulties facing older dogs

Just as an elderly human has difficulties brought about through old age, so do our four legged friends. The most prevalent of these challenges are:

Arthritis in senior dogs

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that affects the joints. The connective cartilage will degenerate through loss of lubrication, resulting in bones rubbing against each other causing swelling and pain. Signs to look out for include reduced activity or reluctance to play, difficulty in getting up after a period of rest, lameness, hesitation in climbing stairs or onto furniture, and audible signs of pain such as whimpering.

Age-related incontinence

As a dog ages, bladder muscles weaken causing loss of bladder control and, while this is seen in dogs, it is more widely seen in bitches who have birthed a litter. A decline in cognitive function in older age can also mean that fundamental skills are forgotten, such as house training. Look for wet patches on bedding, skin irritation, dribbling urine and dampness at the back end.

Kidney issues

As kidneys age, they suffer loss of function, which can manifest in loss of bladder control and incontinence, and vomiting.

Ligament and disc deterioration

Ageing ligaments are susceptible to tearing and if a cruciate ligament tears in the knee, an older dog will experience stability problems. If two knees are affected, for example in the back legs, serious weakness will occur leading to lameness and falls.

How pet owners can help older dogs

In addition to ensuring older dogs are checked regularly by a vet, the main way a pet owner can make life easier in the home is by managing floor surfaces that the dog comes into contact with, choosing a pet-friendly flooring option wherever possible.

Features of pet-friendly flooring from Floors For Paws

At Floors For Paws, our Pawsafe Domestic range is pet-friendly and pet owner friendly, offering the following benefits:

  • Dog owners will love the durability of our luxury vinyl flooring; hardwearing and scratch resistant, it will withstand age-related toilet mishaps, while being low maintenance and easy to clean. It is available in a choice of plank sizes and a herringbone design option, allowing owners to maintain an attractive aesthetic in their home.
  • Older dogs (and puppies!) will love the cushion comfort layer of our Pawsafe Domestic range that is gentle on ageing joints, and they will appreciate the anti-slip wear layer that will help prevent sliding and falls. Endorsed by CAM (Canine Arthritis Management), the flooring also features a textured surface layer to allow pets to move on it with confidence.

If you would like to discuss new flooring that will help your elderly dogs in their later life, our dog-mad team is on hand to help! Simply call us on 01937 830948 or email us at info@floorsforpaws.com Or, if you would like to try before you buy, why not order up to three free samples (or more for an extra charge) to see for yourself.

Best pet-friendly flooring

Dog and cat on floors for paws

Welcoming a furry friend into your home is a joyous occasion, but it also comes with unique considerations, especially when it comes to your flooring choices. As pet lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of finding durable, pet-friendly flooring options that can withstand the wear and tear caused by paws, claws, and occasional accidents. In this blog article, Floors for Paws Ltd. is delighted to present a comprehensive guide to help you make the best flooring decisions for your pet-friendly home. So, what are the key factors to consider when selecting pet-friendly flooring?

  • Durability: To withstand scratches and wear.
  • Moisture Resistance: To resist accidents and spills.
  • Sound Absorption: to reduce noise caused by pet movements.
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness: Choices that are easy to clean and maintain.

Top Pet-Friendly Flooring Options:

a) Tile Flooring:
Tiled flooring is a popular option for homes with dogs due to its durability, moisture resistance, and ease of cleaning tile floors. You do need to bear in mind however that dog wee can affect grout in between tiles and lead to discolouration and decay over time.

b) Laminate Flooring:
Laminate flooring is another popular option due to scratch resistance and affordability. It is important to note though that laminate can be slippery for dogs and because it is not secured to the sub-floor it can be very loud under paw. It can also be prone to warping from spilled water bowls and pet wee.

c) Engineered Hardwood:
Engineered hardwood has good durability and resistance to moisture, however it is not immune to scratching from pet claws so it is important to check with the manufacturer prior to purchase if it is guaranteed against pet claws.

d) Luxury Vinyl Flooring:
Luxury vinyl flooring, has excellent scratch resistance, waterproof properties, and realistic designs and can offer you a maintenance free floor for many years.
Floors for paws has all the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring as well as an enhanced slip-rating to ensure your pets benefit as well as you.
The Floors for paws PawSafe ranges are endorsed by Dr Hannah Capon and Canine arthritis management due to its high slip-ratings and cushioned backing making it the best flooring for dogs and dog owners.


Choosing the right flooring for your pet-friendly home is crucial for maintaining a beautiful, safe, and pet-friendly environment. With this comprehensive guide by Floors for Paws Ltd., you can confidently select the flooring option that best suits your lifestyle and keeps your pets happy. Remember, a pet-friendly floor is a pawfect foundation for a harmonious home where both you and your furry companion can thrive.

At Floors For Paws, we offer three ranges of vinyl flooring. Our luxury vinyl range is available as planks or tiles and is perfect for anywhere in the home, our Pawsafe Domestic range is ideal for creating the look of a traditional herringbone solid wood floor in any room, and our Pawsafe Commercial range, available as vinyl sheeting is hardwearing enough for high traffic commercial premises such as veterinary clinics and doggy day care.

If you have any other questions not covered here, our friendly sales team is waiting to help. Simply call us on 01522 300218 or email us at info@floorsforpaws.com

The best and worst flooring for dogs

Dog lying on Floors for paws

Man’s best friend deserves the best flooring so here’s our look at the best and the worst on the market.

We have previously discussed the difference between pet-proof and pet-friendly flooring and in this article, we look at the difference between the best and worst flooring for dogs, and the best and worst flooring for dog owners, as well as looking at the different needs of individual dogs at the various stages of their lives.

When we hear flooring companies talk about the best flooring for dogs, they often mean that the flooring will be easy to clean and maintain, or that it will be tough and hardwearing. But is that the best flooring for dogs, or for dog owners and is there a solution to keep everyone happy? Let’s look at each common flooring type in turn.

Laminate and solid wood flooring

For older incontinent dogs and puppies still being trained, both laminate and wood floors are not the best flooring for dogs that pee or for their owners! Excessive liquid will be soaked up by each, causing discolouration in wooden floors and buckling in laminate floors. When we consider canine mobility too, both of these floor types can present problems for our four legged friend. Young dogs who are developing muscle and strength in their legs will slip and slide which can cause injury, while older, perhaps arthritic dogs could fall causing serious joint damage. While relatively easy to keep clean for owners, neither of these floors and particularly comfortable for dogs of any age to lie down on.

Ceramic tiles

Arguably a great flooring for pet owners, ceramic tiles offer a gorgeous aesthetic, are almost completely waterproof and are easy to clean and maintain. But they are far too cold for our furry friends, extremely hard and uncomfortable, and they pose a major slip threat.


The opposite to ceramic tiles, carpet is warm and comfortable for dogs but represents a nightmare for pet owners! A sponge for any liquids, carpet will retain odours and the pile will wear quickly where pets are lying down on it.

So is there a flooring that offers everything our dogs need, while ticking all our boxes too?

The Pawsafe Domestic range from Floor for Paws

The Pawsafe Domestic range is vinyl flooring available in a choice of plank sizes. Offering the aesthetic demanded by pet owners, it is easy to clean, waterproof, strong, durable and scratch resistant. And for our pets, the range has been endorsed by CAM (Canine Arthritis Management). Designed with the comfort of our dogs in mind, this is non-slip flooring with an extra soft layer of protection for pets, and it has a textured surface to enable animals to move on it safely.

But don’t take our word for it, why not try before you buy? Order up to three free samples to see for yourself, or more for an extra charge. Then if you have any questions, simply get in touch with our experienced sales team by telephone on 01937 830948 or email at info@floorsforpaws.com to discuss how we can help you.

A complete guide to the best waterproof flooring for pets

Dog in bath with bubbles

We look at flooring options for pet owners and examine the best waterproof flooring on the market.

When you’re a pet owner, whether you have a puppy still toilet training or an older dog with age related incontinence, liquid accidents are an inevitable part of life. Add in to the mix muddy post-walk paws or bath time and it’s easy to see why waterproof flooring for pets is essential.

Before we look at the options available to pet owners, let’s examine the different factors to consider before choosing your flooring.

Waterproof Vs. water resistant

People use these phrases interchangeably but they are in fact two different things. Water-resistant flooring will resist certain small spillages but waterproof flooring is designed to withstand spillages and bigger events such as full spilt dog bowls and lakes of dog wee!

Where the flooring will be installed

The setting for your flooring will impact your choice. For example the best living room flooring for dogs may not be the best flooring for a dog grooming salon or a veterinarian surgery. Consider whether your flooring will be subject to constant mopping in a commercial environment (think doggy daycare or pet-friendly cafes) or lighter daily maintenance in your kitchen.

Now you’ve considered what you need and where it will be, let’s look at your flooring options.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles

While ceramic and porcelain tiles are recognised for being almost impenetrable to liquids, they are one of the least pet friendly flooring options. Cold and hard and extremely slippery underfoot, this type of flooring can make old and young dogs feel unstable and affect their confidence. To find out more about the risks to dogs of slippery flooring see our article Non-slip flooring for dogs.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is constructed from softwood fibres so while it will withstand light spillages, making it water resistant, it will not tolerate anything more without running the risk of buckling and becoming damaged. While it is easy to clean, laminate is not waterproof and can be prone to moisture entering the joints between the boards.

Solid wood flooring

While they offer a traditional aesthetic for your home, solid wood floors soak up liquid causing them to stain quite easily. A lighter wood could therefore end up with dark patches if you have a dog that has frequent accidents.


Undoubtedly warm and comfortable for our canine friends, in terms of its ability to withstand liquids and moisture, carpet is a poor choice if you’re looking for a waterproof floor covering for pets. Carpet is porous, turning it into a sponge for any liquid spillages and the fibres will retain smells which will not go unnoticed by visitors for long!

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring, including luxury vinyl tiles, vinyl plank flooring and vinyl on the roll, is completely waterproof. It is offered in a range of finishes to suit every taste and setting and is resilient and hardwearing. Finally, with the exception of carpet, vinyl flooring is the kindest option for pets as it is more comfortable underfoot than tiles, laminate or solid wood.

Vinyl flooring from Floor For Paws

At Floors For Paws we offer a choice of waterproof vinyl flooring for every home and commercial premises.

Luxury Vinyl Range

Our Luxury Vinyl Range is available as luxury vinyl planks which offer the look of a wooden floor, or as luxury vinyl tiles that mimic stone tiles. Hardwearing and durable, LVP (luxury vinyl plank) is ideal for anyone looking for a stylish flooring option. To see the options available , or to order your 3 free samples, click here.

Pawsafe Domestic Range

Endorsed and approved by CAM (Canine Arthritis Management), our Pawsafe Domestic Range is available in a choice of plank sizes to offer more design options and a popular design is the herringbone pattern which can be installed in a variety of ways to mimic a traditional solid wood floor. This is an ideal flooring for domestic settings and commercial premises thanks to its strength and durability, and comes with a 10-year commercial guarantee. Your three free samples can be chosen here.

Pawsafe Commercial range

Sold as commercial sheet vinyl on the roll, the Pawsafe Commercial Range is perfect for businesses as it can be laid with no, or very few, joins creating a waterproof surface that is impenetrable to liquids. Endorsed and approved by CAM (Canine Arthritis Management), the Pawsafe Commercial Range is recommended for commercial environments that welcome a lot of four legged paw traffic, such as veterinarian clinics, day care centres and pet-friendly cafes and restaurants. Use our sample picker to choose up to three free samples and see our Guide to sheet vinyl flooring.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our waterproof flooring for dogs, send us an email to info@floosforpaws.com or call us on 01937 830948.

Dog friendly flooring

Black labrador on Greenwood floor

Are you a pet owner in the UK struggling to find the perfect flooring that can withstand the wear and tear of your furry friends? Look no further; Floors for Paws is here to provide you with the ultimate solution for pet-friendly flooring in the UK. Our high-quality, durable, and stylish flooring options are specifically designed to cater to the needs of pet owners, ensuring that your floors remain paw-friendly and look great for years to come with our 30 year product guarantee.

As pet owners ourselves, we understand the challenges that come with having pets at home. From scratches to spills, pet accidents to odours, our furry friends can wreak havoc on our floors. That’s why we have carefully curated a range of flooring options that are not only pet-proof but also aesthetically pleasing to enhance your home’s overall look.

One of the key features of our pet-friendly flooring is its durability. Our floors are specifically engineered to withstand the wear and tear that pets can cause. With superior scratch resistance, our flooring can stand up to even the sharpest claws, ensuring that your floors remain pristine and scratch-free. Whether you have a playful puppy or a senior cat, our floors are designed to handle their activities without showing signs of damage.

Accidents happen, and when they do, our pet-friendly flooring is up to the task. Our floors are waterproof, making them resistant to spills, stains, and accidents. You can have peace of mind knowing that any messes can be easily wiped away without leaving behind any stubborn stains or unpleasant odours. Say goodbye to the worries of pet-related accidents ruining your floors, and enjoy a clean and fresh living environment with Floors for Paws.

In addition to durability and waterproof features, our flooring options are also designed with the comfort and safety of your pets in mind. Our floors are slip-resistant, providing an extra layer of protection for your pets, especially for senior animals or those with mobility issues. Our textured surfaces ensure that your pets can move around comfortably without the risk of slipping, keeping them safe and secure. Two of our ranges are endorsed by Dr Hannah Capon MA Vet MB MRCVS, CCRP.


At Floors for Paws, we also believe that style shouldn’t be compromised when it comes to pet-friendly flooring. Our flooring options come in a variety of styles, colours, and patterns to suit your aesthetic preferences and complement your home decor. We have a wide range of options to suit any interior design style. You can now have pet-friendly flooring that not only performs well but also adds a touch of elegance to your home.

In addition to the functional and aesthetic benefits, our pet-friendly flooring is also environmentally friendly. We strive to use sustainable materials and manufacturing processes that are eco-friendly, ensuring that our flooring options are not only safe for your pets but also for the planet.

When it comes to installation, Floors for Paws offers professional and hassle-free services. Our team of experts can guide you through the entire process, from selecting the right flooring option to installing it in your home. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service, and we are committed to ensuring that you are satisfied with your flooring choice.

In conclusion, Floors for Paws offers the perfect solution for pet-friendly flooring in the UK. Our durable, waterproof, slip-resistant, stylish, and eco-friendly flooring options are specifically designed to cater to the needs of pet owners, ensuring that your floors remain paw-friendly and beautiful. Say goodbye to scratched floors, dirty carpets and pet-related accidents, and hello to a pet-friendly home that is both functional and stylish. Trust Floors for Paws for all your pet-friendly flooring needs in the UK. Contact us today to find the perfect flooring solution for you and your furry friends.

Once you have requested your three free samples, ordering can be done quickly and easily. Simply call us on 01937 830948 or email us at info@floorsforpaws.com for a no-obligation quote. With a network of approved contractors across the UK, we can arrange for a full installation service or you can arrange your own installation. Once you have placed an order, delivery is between one and six weeks, depending on your installation preferences.

Veterinary Flooring – a guide to the best flooring for your practice

Corgi at vets

Veterinary flooring has to be durable enough to withstand some tough conditions, but it doesn’t have to look clinical and cold.

The demands on animal and veterinary flooring are huge! It has to cope with traffic that comes in all shapes, sizes and weight, be easy to clean and maintain, and resist a variety of fluids and liquids that might be left on it. Is it even possible to tick all those boxes and have a great aesthetic that will look inviting to two-legged visitors as well? At Floors for Paws, we think it is and, in this guide, we examine the features of quality veterinary clinic flooring, and why our vinyl Pawsafe Commercial Range fits the bill.


This is really important in a busy vet’s practice. Flooring needs to withstand a lot of traffic and be resistant to the wear and tear from a variety of claws, paws and maybe even hooves that will scratch and scuff. Flooring that can bear the weight of heavy equipment too is an advantage, and one that will not need to be replaced every couple of years will be appreciated by practice managers. With correct maintenance following professional installation, vinyl flooring can last for years and our entire range is supplied with a 10 year commercial guarantee.

Low maintenance and easy to clean

Veterinary floors are a breeding ground for dirt and germs but with a seamless flooring, germs and bacteria have nowhere to hide. A seamless floor is also easy to sweep and mop regularly and is impervious to liquid penetration when correctly installed. The Pawsafe Commercial Range is supplied in vinyl flooring rolls for a seamless installation and is waterproof, thanks to its PVC composition. Needing nothing more than mopping with an approved cleaning product, it is also extremely low maintenance and will cope with being washed down daily.

Slip resistant and comfortable for pets

The Pawsafe range boasts an industry-leading slip rating and has been approved by Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) as safe for arthritic dogs. The anti-slip surface offers maximum grip while the multi-layer construction also offers a level of comfort for old bones that isn’t seen in inferior quality vinyl flooring.

Good looking flooring

In a busy practice, there will be a lot of people coming and going, and having an attractive floor reflects on your brand and your values as a business. The Pawsafe Range includes a Commercial Range and a Domestic Range. Used together, the domestic range is perfect for welcoming clients in the reception and waiting areas, and the commercial range makes the best flooring in consultation and treatment areas.  Both are available in a choice of colours and patterns and offer a much less clinical look than standard veterinary flooring, while creating a coordinated look throughout the premises.

If you need new veterinary flooring, don’t just take our word for how good the Pawsafe Range is; the Caerphilly Veterinary Clinic left a wonderful testimonial after we helped them to replace their flooring. For any questions you might have, about any of our ranges, or to choose up to three free samples, please give us a call on 01937 830948 or drop us an email at info@floorsforpaws.com

Pet-proof or pet-friendly – what’s the difference?

pet friendly flooring

In the flooring industry, we often see the phrases ‘pet-proof’ and ‘pet-friendly’ but what do they each mean? Here, we examine these labels to unpick exactly what they mean for you and your pets.

What is dog-proof flooring?

If you do an internet search for dog-proof flooring, you’ll get dozens of results for flooring companies. A closer look reveals that dog-proof refers to the qualities that will best withstand the wear and tear from pets; scratch resistance, easy to clean, low maintenance, waterproof.

All of these qualities are worthy of the pet-proof label but, when you search pet friendly flooring, the same results appear. At Floors for Paws, we believe that pet friendly or dog friendly flooring should be just that – kind to your beloved pets and not just something that makes life easier for owners. Of course, a happy owner makes for a happy pet so we have created a range of flooring that is pet friendly and owner friendly.

Pet friendly flooring from Floors for Paws

All our flooring is manufactured from quality vinyl, offering all the features you’d expect from a pet-proof flooring solution.

Low maintenance – following correct installation, a vinyl floor needs nothing more than a sweep to keep it looking tidy so no more dragging the heavy vacuum out every day.

Easy to clean – a damp mop and an approved cleaning product will keep your vinyl floor looking like new.

Waterproof – PVC, the material vinyl flooring is made from, is completely waterproof.

Scratch resistant – vinyl flooring is given a final, scratch resistant, surface layer that will withstand scuffs, scratches and stains.

On top of these qualities, our flooring really is kinder to your pets, making it the best dog friendly vinyl flooring on the market. Let’s take a look at why!

What is the best pet friendly flooring?

The best pet friendly flooring is one that cares about and caters for the needs of your pet. The Pawsafe Domestic Range offers comfort for old bones thanks to a unique comfort backing that gives better cushioning – perfect for any pet but particularly older, arthritic dogs who may spend a lot of their day lying down. It also has the highest slip rating of any vinyl plank flooring currently on the market, making it the best non slip flooring for dogs. For pet owners, this means that unsteady dogs (young and old) are less likely to slip and cause damage to delicate or fragile joints.

Canine Arthritis Management (CAM)

Our Pawsafe range has been fully approved by CAM, an organisation committed to the effective, long term management of canine arthritis and has also received endorsements from veterinary clinics and animal physios.

If you would like to experience our truly dog friendly flooring solutions for yourself, you can choose up to three samples from the Pawsafe Domestic Range, the Pawsafe Commercial Range, or the Luxury Vinyl Range. Our friendly, dog mad team is also available to answer any questions you have about flooring and can be contacted on 01937 830948 or by email at info@floorsforpaws.com

Flooring for Vets

Vet with dog

Over the course of the last five years we not only been growing as a business we have also been learning as we go. We have had the pleasure of working closely with Hannah Capon at Canine Arthritis Management as well as leading manufactures in the flooring industry. FFP have been involved in numerous new build and refurbishments of veterinary practices and even more exciting for us we are also finding ourselves specified in these types of projects.

What do FFP do differently?

FFP offer a complete flooring solution for your veterinary practice which can be tailored to match your individual requirements. We understand not every practice is the same, some offer surgical or specialty services others focus on general veterinary practices; there is also the broad spectrum of both large and small animals to consider. FFP have four ranges of flooring each with its own key properties, however all of them offer a waterproof, low VOC emissions, stain resistant, easy to clean attractive flooring covering with a 10 year commercial warranty. Floors for Paws have approved subcontractors throughout the UK who are able to carry out all subfloor works required and fit the flooring, alternatively if there are flooring contractors’ onsite we are happy to liaise with them about the installation process.

Floors for Paws Wood Effect (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

This is the most popular range, it comes in planks (1200mm x 180mm x 2.5mm) the top surface has a deep grain and a double PU wear layer. The deep grain gives your dog the ability to grip, push themselves up from lying down with ease and walk with confidence. LVT of some kind is found in most domestic settings therefore something your animal is probably familiar with; having this in a reception area instead of a safety flooring they rarely come across may reduce stress levels.

Areas: Reception, consultation rooms
Properties: Waterproof, hardwearing, scratch resistant to claws

Floors for Paws Stone Effect (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

This range comes in tiles which are either 458mm x 458mm or 305mm x 610mm depending on which colour you opt for. The texture is almost sandy as the flooring has an anti-slip aggregate running through it. This flooring has a low risk slip rating in both the wet and dry and a double PU wear layer.

Areas: Reception, consultation rooms
Properties: Waterproof, hardwearing, scratch resistant to claws, good anti-slip properties in wet and dry

CAM Endorsed – Paw Safe Commercial Flooring

This range is a cushion roll vinyl which CAM has endorsed; it has a low slip risk and a softer feel. This flooring has a 0.7 wear layer and comes in 2 meter widths; it is hot welded at joins and usually run up the wall to form a skirting using a cap and cove system.

Areas: Surgical suites, kennels, radiology and imaging rooms
Properties: Waterproof, hardwearing, enhanced slip resistance in wet and dry, can withstand heavy duty washing down, very good electrical resistance

CAM Endorsed – Paw Safe Domestic Flooring

This range is an LVT however it is not a rigid back LVT, the backing is felt which makes it cushioned so is softer. This flooring has a 0.6 wear layer and comes in planks which are either 1000mm x 125mm or smaller planks which are 500mm x 100mm (these are suitable for herringbone and parquet styles.) It comes with a 10 year commercial warranty.

Areas: Reception, consultation rooms
Properties: Waterproof, hardwearing, scratch resistant to claws, enhanced anti-slip properties in wet and dry, kinder to joints

Please find below just a handful of projects we have done in various practices throughout the UK.

Mulberry House Vets – https://mulberryhousevets.co.uk/

Mulberry House vets opted for the Whinfell wood effect Floors for Paws, using the planks to form a skirting.

Fauna Vets – https://www.faunavets.co.uk/

Fauna vets opted for the Pawsafe Commercial throughout in Delamere

“We’re happy with the look of the flooring and the animals are very comfortable on it”

Guildford Vets – https://www.theguildfordvet.co.uk/

The Gilford vets opted for the Pawsafe Commercial throughout in Mercier

“The flooring is excellent, does exactly what it says on the tin – dogs move very comfortably on it and don’t slip around, it looks great and was well installed – highly recommend”

Christian Grey – Owner

Caerphilly Vets – https://www.caerphillyvets.com/

Caerphilly vets opted for the Epping wood effect floors for paws in the front of house areas and the Mercier commercial PawSafe in the back of house areas

“As a busy Veterinary Clinic, when it came time to replace our flooring, we had a few criteria that had to be met. We needed to make sure our four legged visitors would be safe on a non slip floor, but we also wanted the floor to look amazing and less clinical that standard Veterinary flooring. It also needed to be durable! Dogs do have accidents!

We found Floors For Paws and knew they would be the team to work with. From the initial enquiry, to receiving samples, deciding which floor for each area, arranging a site visit and work starting, their communication was excellent!

Such a professional and efficient company!

Everything went smoothly, the floors look fantastic and we’ve had really great comments from our clients.

Our reception doesn’t look clinical anymore, instead it’s warm and welcoming while being a safe place for our fluffy visitors. It’s completely transformed the space and we love it! So much so, that we’re planning to have more Floors for Paws next year because our new reception has put our other reception to shame!

Thanks so much from all of the team and pets at Caerphilly Veterinary Clinic”

Mandy James – Practice Manager

Magnolia Vets – https://www.magnoliavets.co.uk

Magnolia vets opted for the Floors for Paws in their reception area and consultation rooms in Greenwood

Ferndown Family Vets – https://ferndownfamilyvets.co.uk/

See our endorsement from Hannah Capon and CAM below;

What is vinyl flooring?

With so many flooring options available today, our guide looks at what’s available to pet owners, with a particular focus on one type – vinyl flooring.

It can be challenging to choose the right flooring for your home; should you go for carpet, linoleum, laminate or vinyl? And is there any flooring that is better for your pets, or that you should avoid with pets in the home? At Floors for Paws, we specialise in vinyl flooring that is pet and pet-owner friendly.

What is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is a 100% synthetic flooring material, made from polyvinyl chloride plastic, or PVC. PVC is heated and pressed into thin layers with the uppermost, surface layer giving the vinyl flooring its final aesthetic. It can be made to imitate the look of wood, ceramic and stone and can even be textured. The surface layer is coated for scuff, scratch and stain resistance, and adds a water resistant protection. The backing of the vinyl flooring is felt or foam. Flooring options are vinyl flooring rolls which are purchased and installed like carpet, vinyl tile flooring and vinyl plank flooring which is supplied in plank shapes to allow the creation of patterns that can mimic traditional wooden floors such as a herringbone design.

Is vinyl flooring the same as lino?

Many of us would have had grandparents who had a lino (linoleum) floor at home and while many people use the term lino when referring to vinyl flooring, they are two very different things. Linoleum is manufactured from a mixture of renewable natural materials which can include wood pulp, crushed cork, linseed oil, tree resin and jute. Lino is far less water resistant then vinyl and requires an annual protective coating and waxing.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer product which is fused together with a lamination process. Its core is made from HDF (high density fibreboard) which makes it highly susceptible to water and moisture damage.

What is carpet?

Carpet is a floor covering made from textile which has a backing attached to an upper layer of pile. 90% of carpets manufactured today have an upper pile of synthetic fibres, with just 10% being natural fibres, most commonly wool. Carpet can be chewed and damaged by scratching, and it will stain easily.

The benefits of vinyl flooring

Durability – vinyl flooring is highly durable and with the correct installation, can last more than 20 years.

Scratch and stain resistant – the surface layer that is applied to vinyl flooring gives protection against scuffs and scratches, and staining.

Water resistant – vinyl flooring is waterproof thanks to its PVC composition. Where there are multiple seams involved with vinyl plank flooring and vinyl tiles, correct installation will render this just as water resistant as vinyl flooring rolls. Vinyl flooring is therefore ideal for high-moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Easy to clean – extremely low maintenance, vinyl flooring requires nothing more than a sweep and a damp mop with an approved cleaning product.

Is vinyl flooring pet friendly?

Not only is vinyl flooring from Floors for Paws pet-owner friendly and pet-proof, it is also pet friendly. Our Luxury Vinyl range is perfect for any room in the home and has a double wear layer of 0.6mm enabling us to guarantee it against your dog’s claws. It is waterproof, hypo-allergenic, does not need harsh chemicals to clean it, and is free of nasty phthalates making it safe for your dog.

To discuss pet friendly vinyl flooring for your next project, call us on 01937 830948 and email us at info@floorsforpaws.com

Pet-friendly flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your home is essential but add into the mix a pet and it can be even harder!

With so many flooring options available on the market, choosing the right pet friendly flooring can be tough. In our latest guide, we take a look at the choices you have and what you should avoid!

Whether you a have a pup or an older dog in the home, flooring has to withstand everything from being chewed and scratched, or even peed on, so you need a solution that is hardwearing and durable, that will also fit seamlessly into the aesthetic of your home.

How to choose dog friendly flooring

All dogs are different; some may be chewers, others may be scratchers, so there are lots of factors to consider before deciding on your flooring.

Spills and stains – potty training pets will have a lot of accidents, while older pets may start to suffer with incontinence, so your flooring needs to be water resistant to avoid the staining and damage caused by accidents and spills.

Maintenance – from a pet owner’s point of view, an easy to maintain flooring solution is preferable, and less time-consuming.

Scratch resistance – when weighing up your options, it’s important to think about the impact of sharp claws (and teeth) on floor coverings.

Comfort – at Floors for Paws, we believe flooring should be pet friendly, and not just pet owner friendly so our flooring offers different levels of comfort for your pets.

Types of flooring

Carpet – the traditional choice for many homes, carpet is not the best pet friendly flooring! Damage from chewing or scratching is likely to be irreparable and any staining can be difficult to remove completely and leave odours behind. Carpet is a magnet for hair and fur and will also attract fleas and other pests that your four legged friends bring in to the home.

Hardwood flooring – another popular flooring solution, hardwood flooring can fall foul of long claws with repeated scratch resistant treatments being costly over time. They are also prone to staining and warping with prolonged exposure to excessive moisture.

Tiled floors – a popular choice with pet owners, tiled floors are extremely easy to maintain but not always kind to pets, particularly older ones. While impervious to excessive moisture and easy to clean and mop, tiled floors are cold and uncomfortable, something that most pet owners want to avoid.

Laminate floors – laminate floors are great for younger, active pets as it is durable and hardwearing but the smooth finish of a laminate might make it difficult for older dogs to gain traction, causing them to slip and cause potential injury.

Luxury vinyl flooring

Whenever we are asked what is the best pet friendly flooring, our answer has to be luxury vinyl flooring. Durable and resilient and more than capable of dealing with anything your pet can throw at it, today’s LVT options are offered in a variety of finishes, to mimic the look of hardwood and even stone. The main types of vinyl flooring are vinyl plank flooring and luxury vinyl tiles.

Pet friendly flooring from Floors for Paws

At Floors for Paws, our Pawsafe Domestic Range offers your pet a level of comfort and care that is hard to beat. Endorsed by CAM (Canine Arthritis Management), this vinyl plank flooring is available in a standard 125mm x 1000mm size with a selection of colourways available in 100mm x 50mm, to enable you to create wonderful patterned floors. Comprising a reinforcement layer and an insulated high density fleece backing, plus an anti-slip layer, the Pawsafe Domestic Range has the highest slip rating of any luxury vinyl plank currently on the market.

To find out more about the best non slip flooring for dogs, call us today on 01937 830948 or email us at info@floorsforpaws.com