The best and worst flooring for dogs

Dog lying on Floors for paws

Man’s best friend deserves the best flooring so here’s our look at the best and the worst on the market.

We have previously discussed the difference between pet-proof and pet-friendly flooring and in this article, we look at the difference between the best and worst flooring for dogs, and the best and worst flooring for dog owners, as well as looking at the different needs of individual dogs at the various stages of their lives.

When we hear flooring companies talk about the best flooring for dogs, they often mean that the flooring will be easy to clean and maintain, or that it will be tough and hardwearing. But is that the best flooring for dogs, or for dog owners and is there a solution to keep everyone happy? Let’s look at each common flooring type in turn.

Laminate and solid wood flooring

For older incontinent dogs and puppies still being trained, both laminate and wood floors are not the best flooring for dogs that pee or for their owners! Excessive liquid will be soaked up by each, causing discolouration in wooden floors and buckling in laminate floors. When we consider canine mobility too, both of these floor types can present problems for our four legged friend. Young dogs who are developing muscle and strength in their legs will slip and slide which can cause injury, while older, perhaps arthritic dogs could fall causing serious joint damage. While relatively easy to keep clean for owners, neither of these floors and particularly comfortable for dogs of any age to lie down on.

Ceramic tiles

Arguably a great flooring for pet owners, ceramic tiles offer a gorgeous aesthetic, are almost completely waterproof and are easy to clean and maintain. But they are far too cold for our furry friends, extremely hard and uncomfortable, and they pose a major slip threat.


The opposite to ceramic tiles, carpet is warm and comfortable for dogs but represents a nightmare for pet owners! A sponge for any liquids, carpet will retain odours and the pile will wear quickly where pets are lying down on it.

So is there a flooring that offers everything our dogs need, while ticking all our boxes too?

The Pawsafe Domestic range from Floor for Paws

The Pawsafe Domestic range is vinyl flooring available in a choice of plank sizes. Offering the aesthetic demanded by pet owners, it is easy to clean, waterproof, strong, durable and scratch resistant. And for our pets, the range has been endorsed by CAM (Canine Arthritis Management). Designed with the comfort of our dogs in mind, this is non-slip flooring with an extra soft layer of protection for pets, and it has a textured surface to enable animals to move on it safely.

But don’t take our word for it, why not try before you buy? Order up to three free samples to see for yourself, or more for an extra charge. Then if you have any questions, simply get in touch with our experienced sales team by telephone on 01937 830948 or email at to discuss how we can help you.