Waterproof flooring for pets

puppy has a wee on floor

Establishments welcoming young and old dogs need flooring that will stand up to dog pee, and in our latest guide we look at the most effective waterproof flooring for pets.


Commercial premises that have a lot of four-legged traffic, such as veterinarian clinics, dog daycare centres and pet-friendly cafes, need a floor that is hardwearing, durable and attractive (for the two-legged owners!). While a water-resistant floor will cope with small spillages, a waterproof flooring solution is needed to cope with bigger events including dog pee. But, what other features does waterproof flooring need to have?

Features of flooring for commercial premises

Waterproof – as mentioned above, flooring needs to withstand the pee from puppies and old dogs and also be able to withstand regular, deep cleaning without becoming compromised or damaged.

Easy to clean – not only must the flooring be able to withstand urine, it must be easy to clean as it will be exposed to mud, dirt and poop too.

Comfortable and non-slip – dogs of all ages appreciate a softer flooring to lie down on and one that they will feel confident standing on without fear of slipping.

Attractive – one for the owners here! A waterproof flooring doesn’t have to be ugly or boring in its appearance and, for business owners, it is important that their premises are welcoming and attractive.

While undoubtedly comfortable and attractive, carpet is the most impractical and least waterproof flooring for pets. It absorbs spills and will stain easily, and it will provide younger dogs with the perfect chew toy! So what does that leave? Hard flooring is available in four options – laminate, wood, ceramic tiles, and vinyl. Let’s take a look:

Solid wood flooring for dogs

Hard and unforgiving to tender joints, solid wood flooring will soak up excessive liquid and will stain easily. Add to this its slippery surface and the fact that it scratches quite readily, and you can see why this is not the best solution.

Ceramic tile flooring for dogs

Without a doubt practically impenetrable to liquid, ceramic tiles are waterproof. However, they are not pet-friendly, offering a cold, hard and extremely slippery surface to pets.

Laminate flooring for dogs

Water resistant against light spillages thanks to its softwood fibre construction, laminate flooring will not cope with excessive moisture from dog pee and deep cleaning. Moisture entering the joints of the flooring will cause boards to buckle and the floor will become damaged.

Vinyl flooring for dogs

A versatile flooring that can be supplied in a variety of formats to suit the premises, vinyl flooring is completely waterproof when correctly installed. Not only is vinyl flooring waterproof, it is also hardwearing, comfortable and available in a host of finishes, designs and colours to suit any location.

Waterproof vinyl flooring for dogs from Floors for Paws

At floors for Paws, our Luxury Vinyl Range and the Pawsafe Domestic Range are designed with discerning homes in mind. Whether you want to mimic the look of a traditional herringbone pattern solid wood floor or you prefer the aesthetic of ceramic tiles, these ranges have something for everyone. Available as planks (the Pawsafe Domestic Range) or tiles (the Luxury Vinyl Range) and in a choice of wood or stone effect finishes, for every room in the house.

For commercial premises – dog groomers, vets clinics, pet hotels – our Pawsafe Commercial Range is available on the roll and comes in a wide choice of wood- and stone-effect finishes, as well as a good choice of colours. With very few seams, this CAM endorsed, pet-friendly flooring is completely waterproof. When installed by our approved contractors the entire range comes with a 10-year commercial guarantee. To learn more about the Pawsafe Commercial Range, head to our guide to sheet vinyl flooring, or for all other enquiries, send us an email to info@floorsforpaws.com or give us a call on 01522 300218 today.

Best waterproof flooring for pets

Terrier in bath tub

Pet owners rejoice! Laugh in the face of upturned water bowls, puppy/older dog accidents, post rain walks, bath time shenanigans and drool that used to make you run for the mop…..

Floors For Paws is 100% waterproof. Why?

Floors For Paws is waterproof because it is glued down to your sub-floor leaving fluids nowhere to go. Spills, wees, drips and drool will stay on the top surface of our floor and will never go below the top surface. It wont stain, warp or discolour your new floor.

Pet owners know the challenges of wood and laminate flooring with pets. Liquid will find a way into any permeable or semi-permeable surface, and any crack or joint – no matter how small. This can cause damage to your floor.

Floors For Paws top surface is impermeable to liquid and the glue acts as a weld to ensure nothing can seep between the joins.

Imagine if it’s possible that you left dog wee on your floor overnight without mopping it up! Of course you wouldn’t, but if for any reason it happened on Floors for Paws you would get up the next day to find it still on the top of the floor, without staining, without damaging, without warping the product below.

Stress free, easy maintenance for pet owners? Floors For Paws; The best waterproof flooring for pets and pet owners.

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