How to remove stains from vinyl floors

How to remove stains on floor

Floors for Paws latest guide to removing common stains from vinyl flooring, and how to keep it clean.

The flooring we have in our homes and businesses, takes a hammering in terms of foot/paw traffic. The reality should be that indoor shoes (slippers etc.) should be worn in the home but it isn’t always practical in a commercial setting! Inevitably there will be spillages and stains too, as well as daily dirt and grime. At Floors for Paws, not only is our vinyl flooring the best flooring for dogs, but it is popular with owners too as it is low maintenance and easy to clean (no more relentlessly scrubbing carpets!)

If your vinyl flooring does become victim to various stains, this guide will help.

Removing food and drink stains from vinyl flooring

  • Red wine requires prompt action as it can stain quickly. Add soda water to the stain – the bubbles dissolve the pigment and prevent staining. Leave for thirty seconds then soak up the liquid with paper towels, blotting it up rather than rubbing it.
  • You’ve seen what your Friday night vindaloo does to the takeaway tubs so imagine what it will do to your floor! Wipe up curry spills with a damp cloth before applying a paste of water and white vinegar in equal amounts. Rub the stain gently with the paste and wipe with a clean cloth.
  • Tomato ketchup that has dried can be tough to remove but a paste of two tablespoons of baking powder mixed with one teaspoon of water will do the trick. Apply the paste to the stain, leave for a few minutes then gently scrub with a clean cloth.

Removing wax spills from vinyl flooring

Carefully remove any dried on wax, being careful not to scratch the vinyl. Using EcoSpirit (a white spirit substitute) on a soft, clean cloth, simply rub the affected area gently until the wax has gone. Then use a damp cloth with a tiny drop of washing up liquid to wipe over the area to remove any white spirit residue.

Removing paint stains from vinyl flooring

Spills of emulsion and oil paint need to be treated differently. With emulsion, wipe (don’t scrub) away any excess and scrape off any dried paint without scratching the vinyl. Soak with a solution of washing up liquid before scrubbing any stubborn paint. Oil paint should be wiped away quickly and the vinyl allowed to dry. Dry oil paint can be removed with rubbing alcohol, before rinsing the vinyl and drying thoroughly.

Removing ink stains from vinyl flooring

While fewer of us use ink pens, ink remains one of the worse spills you can have as the high percentage of pigment stains really rapidly. Soak up the ink as quickly as possible, without spreading it. Once the remaining ink is dry, wipe the area with a kitchen towel sprayed with hairspray. This will not damage the surface coating of the vinyl and is not abrasive. NB nail polish stains can be dealt with in the same way.

Removing grease and oil from vinyl flooring

A bit trickier to deal with, oil or grease stains can be treated by sprinkling with bicarbonate of soda. Let the bicarb soak up the liquid before wiping away with a damp cloth. If there is any remaining stain, a solution of washing up liquid in warm water, applied with a cloth, will help. If the stain is persistent, a commercial degreaser may be needed.

Our top tips for removing stains

  • Act quickly – the sooner you wipe a spillage, the less likely it is to stain
  • In high risk areas like the kitchen or bathroom, or underneath dining tables, consider mats or rugs.
  • It is easier to deal with spillages and remove stains from vinyl that is in good condition and that has been maintained well

Vinyl flooring from Floors for Paws

At Floors for Paws, we offer three ranges of vinyl flooring, all of which are low maintenance and easy to clean. Our luxury vinyl range and our Pawsafe Domestic range are available as planks or tiles and are ideal for homes and offices. They have a textured surface layer to minimise slipping plus an extra-soft comfort layer for cushioning. For business premises including veterinary practices, doggy day care centres, and pet-friendly cafes, our Pawsafe Commercial range is supplied as vinyl on the roll.  Both Pawsafe ranges have been developed in conjunction with, and endorsed by, CAM (Canine Arthritis Management).

For further help or advice about caring for your vinyl flooring, see our blog posts about cleaning and maintaining vinyl floors, call our friendly team on 01522 300218, or send us an email to